What are the Best Ways to Save Money as a Student?

What are the best ways to save money as a student? Money can be a major issue for students, especially towards the end of term when your termly installment of your loan may be coming to an end. This is why it is so important for students to know the best ways that they can save money, which will help them to be happy and comfortable throughout every week of term. Here are a few ideas for ways that you could save.

Food Shop in the Evenings

Best Ways to Save Money as a Student

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Going to the supermarkets in the evening could be a smart way to save money as you will find that supermarkets will start to drop prices on items that they need to shift towards the end of the day. Additionally, you could make long term savings by buying in bulk, non-brand products and at affordable supermarkets – you should also never shop when you’re hungry!

Bulk Cook

Following this point, it will also be much cheaper to bulk cook meals from scratch which you could then enjoy throughout the week or share with housemates and set up a cooking rota. Buying ready meals, takeaways and easy items like pizza will cost a fortune, plus it is much unhealthier than cooking from scratch.


Having a budget for the entire term and sticking to this is key for controlling your spending. It might be tempting to splash the cash on new clothes and nights out at the start of term, but if you do not do this within a budget then you might find yourself missing out on social events and struggling by the end of term. If you do find yourself struggling, you could always take out an extra student loan to bridge any gaps and then implement the best ways to start saving.

Consider Extra Income

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You could also look into boosting your income, but this is something that you need to be careful with as you will not want it to interfere with your studies and you will want some flexibility. This is why bar work can be good or you could even look to earn some money online in your spare time – every little helps.

These are a few of the best ways that a student can save money and hopefully be able to enjoy themselves throughout each term. It can be challenging as a student, but there are ways to make sure that your money lasts while still having fun, eating a healthy and nutritious diet and covering other important costs.

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