Key Differences between College and High School

Is college better than high school?

When comparing high school and college, you will find that there are key differences between college and high school.  Keep in mind that some of the dissimilarities are obvious while others are not crystal clear. It is essential for individuals to comprehend the differences that exist between high schools and colleges so that they can have a smooth transition after joining college. Some people may consider college being better while others may see college life as more demanding and challenging. In this article, paper writers from examine and address the major differences between high school and college.

key differences between college and high school

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In college, there is more independence

One obvious change that you get after comparing high school and college is that one is likely to enjoy more independence after transitioning from high school. Ideally, after moving to college, many individuals live far from their parents, and this is the key facilitator of independence. In college, people enjoy the freedom of deciding on what they would want to major in. Evaluating college vs high school social life, individuals in colleges also enjoy the freedom of going out with their friends, deciding on what they want to eat and how late they want to stay out. It is clear that individuals have relatively more freedom in college than in high school.

There is a lot of reading

key differences between college and high school

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Ordinarily, college students are likely to feel more exhausted because of the leading activities they are subjected to; individuals are expected to read numerous textbooks, countless journal articles, and innumerable literature materials. However, although individuals taking technical subjects have relatively fewer materials to read, they have several classes which necessitate them to read a couple of materials.

In college, individuals are treated like adults

There are some major differences between School vs College; after going to university, one is considered to be an adult and is treated so. Individuals are expected to have sell-drive and make their own choices. Unlike in high school, college students are not required to have their parents permission slips. This level of freedom comes with more responsibilities; college students are expected to address the problems and issues that arise in school. This is slightly different from high school, where students call their parents to fix their problems.

Individuals obtain fewer grades in college than in high school

Unlike in high schools where students are provided with numerous projects, quizzes, and assignments which contribute to a high final grade, college students are offered with multiple classes each with few assignments. In high school, students are given sufficient chances to make up for the poor grades; however, in college, the college grades depend on the midterm and final grade. Therefore, there is a need for college students to take their projects and exams more seriously.

College students have a range of classes to choose from

college classes

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Regarding class choices for high school and college, in high school, students are offered several choices, but they must include Mathematics, English, and Science. However, college students are provided with more options, most of which are entirely different from what they learned in high school. University students may develop interests in studying ancient history and astronomy among other subjects that they are interested in. The wide variety of choices makes it easier for students to make choices that suit their interests.

College classes have unique formats and sizes

When making a comparison between high school and college you are likely to realize that high school classes are probably made of almost the same number of learners and the mode of teaching employed by teachers is mostly lecturing. However, this is different in colleges where a single class may have a total of over five hundred students; this necessitates applications of different formats. College classes may use one or a combination of different formats, such as discussion-based, lecture-based, and lab work.

College schedules are more complicated

Is college like high school? The manner in which colleges are managed distinguished them from high schools. In high schools, classes have very strict schedules; they start and end at the same time every day.  As a result, the students have almost the same plan for every day. However, in college, things are slightly different; classes may meet for three to five times a week, and each class takes sixty to ninety minutes. In other cases, a class may meet once a week for three hours. This means that in colleges, classes may start and end at different times throughout a given week.

key differences between college and high school

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It is relatively harder to be unique in college

High school vs university where is one more likely to stand out? It is critical to note that it may be hard for super talented individuals to stand out among other students after joining college. A student may have been a star back in high school, but after joining college is surrounded by other talented persons who were also stars back in high school. In colleges, people rarely hold the positions they held back in high school.

Students find a new set of classmates

Ever wondered how college is different from high school? One irritating and annoying thing that almost all college students are faced with is that they are no longer have the companionship of their friends and classmates who they have been together for years. College students are always interacting and associating with strangers most of whom are from an entirely different background. Unlike in high schools, in colleges, classmates change depending on the one’s classes.

Classes necessitate more critical thinking

key differences between college and high school

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Joining college is a step up in one’s education; therefore, classes are bound to become harder than in high school. Exams and assignments do not test students memorization skills; instead, colleges test critical thinking and applications of concepts learned in classes. For example, the knowledge learned from a given problem is used in addressing other complex challenges. Also, in colleges, students may look for Essay Writing Service, which is crucial in managing and completing their work in due dates. Experts from WhiteEssay maintain that since college students are new their field of specializations, it is necessary for them to outsource help from experts from those fields. This helps in ensuring that students maintain excellent performance.

Colleges offer more social opportunities

High school Vs College which provides students with more chances to socialize? Colleges have more opportunities to promote socialization than high schools. College students are provided with different sports teams, and they also have regular parties where they can make new friends. Since colleges are big, they have enough chances for everyone. Additionally, since universities have more students than high schools students, the chances of meeting someone you can get along with are very high.

Colleges are more costly

Obviously, college costs supersede those incurred in high school. College students pay thousands of dollars for tuition, and they also pay huge sums of money for accommodation. There are other smaller costs that students have to bear. For example, students need money to buy textbooks and other materials.

Less time is spent in class

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Another one of the key differences between college and high school is high school students spend most of their time in classes while college students have enough time to take part in other activities s. Most students spend no more than twenty hours a week in class. In this case, students are needed to schedule their time in more appropriate ways to ensure the rest of the time used constructively. The extra time makes it possible for students to participate in club activities.

Students have more school work

Although college students far much less time in classes, they definitely remain busy handling the large quantity of work they are assigned. As a result, most students spend a considerable amount of time in the library. Schoolwork consumes most of the time than any other activities in colleges. With more work than students hard in high school, they can seek the services of essay writers who may help them with extra work. This helps students in avoiding penalties for late delivery.

Attendance is optional

Unlike in high school where class attendance is mandatory, in college, there are no requirements, and parents are not informed about the attendance of their children. However, some colleges may have strict measures for failing to attend classes. Some professors may consider attendance in grading; therefore, students may fail for failing to attend without valid reasons. Also, missing classes regularly may also contribute to poor performance.

It is evident that there are numerous differences between high school and college. However, understanding what is expected may help in preparing during the transition, and this can place individuals in a position to acquire success in college. Although there is a lot of reading in college, students are presented with independence and freedom to choose what they want. Also, students have a wide range of classes; the classes have unit formats, and schedules are also more complicated. Also, colleges are more costly, although very little time is spent in classes.

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