7 Most Promising Fields for Soon-to-Be Graduates

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Today we want share the 7 most promising fields for soon-to-be graduates. Entering the job market can be daunting for any college graduate. But after a year like 2020, you have to be even more prepared to fight for the best chances. If you are nearing the last couple of years of your college degree, this might be the best time to switch to a field that has better prospects waiting for you. 

In this article, we will look at which industries are actively hiring, offer a competitive entry-level salary, and give you good job satisfaction as well. 

1. Software Developers

It is no surprise that the tech field has been booming in 2021. If you have an affinity for programming languages, it might be the best time to put them to use. Moreover, the field is likely to thrive for the foreseeable future as well.

Majoring in software engineering or gaining a professional certificate in coding can help you find opportunities in computer architecture. There will always be a demand for new skill sets as new technologies arise. 

2. Product Marketing Manager

2021 is going to be a busy year for marketing departments everywhere. As a student, you know that in order to find the writing services reviews, you have to search, or which sites to look at if you want to find used textbooks. All these are the results of effective marketing strategies designed by experts.

In other words, product marketing managers serve as the voice of the customers within a company, making sure that their products align with the needs and experiences sought out by the customers. If you have a knack for marketing or even writing, this career path is worth looking into. 

3. Data Science 

Data scientists examine data to find patterns and organize them into usable information. This particular field bases itself on several aspects, including programming languages, machine learning, and data visualization. If you would rather write a synthesis essay than a book report, you might like working in data analysis, too. Essentially, you will be scouring through multiple sources of information to form your own theories on it.

The applications range from marketing, technology, businesses, to even governments who are in pursuit of organizing the heaps of data they collect on a day to day basis. Although data science is a relatively new field, it is expected to grow tremendously in the upcoming years. The data analysts can identify trends and predict the actions of a demographic based on that.

4. Investment

A year of uncertainty has encouraged people to reconsider their financial choices. Those who had kept money aside for traveling and other projects might be looking for different ways to make use of their liquidity. Consequently, the investing scene has been booming in 2021 in many ways. If the trading sector is something that interests you, financial firms and consultants are always looking for the right candidates.

You need to know how to take advantage of market volatility and general knowledge of the trading indicators. You could also work alongside mutual funds and other institutional trading firms that invest in commodities and equities. 

5. Healthcare Administration

You don’t always need to be a medical professional to contribute to healthcare. Given the current circumstances, the healthcare field is also looking for candidates who can efficiently handle administrative tasks.

These jobs would include managing facilities, taking care of the budget, and ensuring that the service runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You will be doing meaningful work that can bring positive changes to countless people’s lives every day. A majority of these roles will be under government employment, pharmaceutical companies, or healthcare manufacturers. You can look for positions in accounting, financing, human resources, operations management, information technology, and more. 

6. Design Industry

Alongside marketing, the design industry has also been seeing a fruitful year. The perk here is that you do not essentially have to work for a company or an employer. Designers can also opt for freelancing and expand their work portfolio. You can work in branding, marketing, photography, web development, and the list goes on. 

Also, with many new small businesses flourishing, there will be many people looking to work with design professionals to bring their creative ideas to life. Like the tech industry, the design also provides diverse career choices. You can work with typography, graphic design, printmaking, fashion design, or even be a jack of all trades. 

7. Online Retailers

E-commerce was one of the most successful industries in 2020. We have relied on online stores and deliveries to buy everything from the daily necessities and to the occasional splurges.

You can find job opportunities in online retail that focus on user experience, contracts, compliance, supply chain, and transportation. In a nutshell, you can find a job in almost every aspect of it or even venture out on an entrepreneurial plan of yours. Many online retailers are also hiring such as Personalized by Kate.

Whichever avenue you choose don’t forget your small business accounting software and always try to balance both your passion for business as well as job prospects. One without the other will not give you the work-life balance you seek. Moreover, always be flexible. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we have to be prepared for all kinds of uncertainties.

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