10 Things to Avoid in White Paper Template

white paper template

What is the white paper?

The most typical document that a newcomer or new company uses to distribute an idea, item, or administration is a white paper definition. A standard white paper template will contain points of interest on its features and components. However, it’s additionally common for it to be totally incomplete. If you want your client base to really perceive what you offer, ensure a few fundamental principles are met.

That will be the reason we see such a lot of white papers, for example, with bewildering or unrealistic claims that you know can’t be legitimate.

You can discover an extraordinary arrangement of free templates and outlines accessible by going to the website of Venngage. We’ve likewise joined a great rundown of free white paper outlines to download here.

The accompanying 10 things are commonly overlooked in the preparation phase yet make a significant distinction for your white paper’s believability and impact on individuals who read it. Read on to learn how to write a white paper.

1) The White Paper Mustn’t Be Too Long

Create your white paper to be not more than eight pages long. If you make it more extensive, individuals won’t read all the way through.

2) The White Paper Must Tell a Story

A story adds human interest to your white paper. It can energize a group of people to get a hold of your item or administration. Try not to simply describe specifics. Instead, illustrate how the main character (your item) will help individuals.

3) The White Paper Must Be Visually Appealing

white paper templateYour white paper project should have an unmistakable structure, including a smartly composed logo and cover page that demonstrates to the perusing client “what’s inside.” At precisely that point, your client should see your contact information. Outlines are valuable in this regard.

4) The White Paper Must Address a Problem

You need to decide what the issue is that your item or administration will answer. Also, address precisely how it responds with a specific arrangement of components and administrations.

5) The White Paper Must Use a Human Voice

To include human intrigue, compose your white paper as though you’re conversing with your perusing client. When writing, utilize contractions, for example, “you,” and alternate between the second and third individual (they).

Moreover, you must avoid technical jargon as your perusing client probably doesn’t realize the specialized terms you utilize. Be specific on the off chance you can, or break down your complicated terms into more detail.

6) The White Paper Must Have a Call-to-Action

The last part of the white paper ought to contain what will happen after somebody gets it. For instance, give your information on how to buy the item or the administration you’re offering.

7) The White Paper Must Have a Personal Touch

The designer of the white paper must stand out with regard to his personality and participation in this area. Give some data about what brought him to the business and why he picked this item/administration that he needs to present.

8) The White Paper Must Be Proofread and Edited

There is no room for typos or broken English on white paper. If you can get somebody else to audit it, do it!

9) The White Paper Must Be Free from Spelling Errors

white paper templateIn composing your white paper, ensure you check your spelling. It’s best to print it out and look at it on paper before distributing or emailing since seeing typos on a screen can be deceiving. You can include more points of interest inside your white paper. Keep the pages at five or less, and ensure it’s no longer than eight (8) pages in length. Remember to choose an appropriate title that is relevant to your paper. Your client needs to tell you what you are offering at first glance of your white paper. The client also needs to see how you will help them and what specific step they should do next. Make sure you address a problem and show your item as the solution.

10) The White Paper Must Have an Eye-Catching Title

The main thing anybody will see is the title of your white paper – make it enjoyable! If you follow those principles, your white paper will have a real impact and be read by more perusers. But, be that as it may, do not stress! These guidelines are simply that – they’re little tips to help make things simpler for you. There is no one correct answer (and no Ph.D. needed!)

The better your white paper is, the more people you’ll attract to it, and its message will be heard.

Amazing White Paper Design

Once you have your content, the next step is to create a design that will get people excited about reading it. Poor formatting and branding can ruin the credibility of your white paper and leave potential customers unimpressed.

Your white paper should represent you and your company well, so pay attention to details. For example, if you run an accounting business, you will want your document to flow smoothly. However, we don’t recommend it for other companies because accounting is the game’s name for this company.

Therefore, we suggest an elegant and clean layout with neutral colors such as black and white or steel blue and white (the same colors that accountants use). You can incorporate accounting terms if you so desire.


In conclusion, a white paper example is a must-have for any company selling products and services. But it’s not just about finding a provider and handing over your content – you have to do some research on the topic so that your document is unique and captivating.

And don’t forget: a well-thought-out and formatted white paper will do wonders for your business. So, create wonders for your business and check out Venngage’s white paper templates today!

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