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Yessi Sanchez Finds A Different Way of Storytelling With Her Show “LOVE/HATE”

Yessi Sanchez Finds A Different Way of Storytelling With Her Show “LOVE/HATE”

Yessi Sanchez, known for her multi, international award-winning performance in “The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd”, is working on a cutting-edge new show called “LOVE/HATE.” This show is entirely made for TikTok and Instagram. It was even shot vertically to fit the format of reels. These 1-minute episodes tell the story of Cleo, who is struggling to get by. Living in a big city like Los Angeles is not always easy. Her imperfect and messy life serves to portray a contrast to other content on social media, which oftentimes show a perfectly fabricated world.

Every season is about a different love-hate relationship. We find topics such as self-love(hate), friendships, dating, and financial hurdles. A show like this, made entirely for social media, is a rare jewel in the midst of cute animal videos, travel series, and TikTok dances. Sanchez was inspired to create a series made for a fast-paced world that is ever changing, and can be consumed in 1 minute, which is perfect for short attention spans.

The celebrated Swiss actress was inspired by her own move to Los Angeles, having learned that life in a big city comes with a lot of life lessons. She grew up in the countryside of Switzerland, before moving to Zurich and starting her career as a professional actress. In her young career, she has had multiple critical roles leading to nominations at film festivals, award wins as Best Lead Actress, and amazing opportunities such as being a judge at the Vienna International Film Awards. This year, she was in two feature films that are going to be released for streaming later this year, and in the reboot of the popular 90’s show “Beyond Belief” with Jonathan Frakes.

Season 1 of “LOVE/HATE” is available on Instagram and TiKTok. Sanchez and her team of filmmakers are currently working on seasons 2 and 3, and should be released later this year.

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