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Video Game Creator Jason Alejandre on Fashion’s Influence

Jason Alejandre

Jason Alejandre is known for his work on top-grossing game franchises such as “Call of Duty,” “Medal of Honor,” and “Mortal Kombat.” With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Jason has established himself as one of the go-to talents. He’s worked with such directors as Quentin Tarantino and Gore Verbinski, and his projects have shared the stage with Mark Zuckerberg and been featured by Apple at one of Steve Jobs’s final keynotes. More recently, Jason’s studio has worked on “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners,” as well as the remastered “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.” Today we’re talking with Jason about his fashion influences – everything from skate culture to that beach life.

 Jason AlejandreWhat’s your daily uniform?
My daily uniform on the surface seems pretty simple: a long-sleeved shirt, pants, some sneakers and oh! I can’t forget my thinking cap [laughs] — usually a Hurley or Rip Curl hat.
What would you call your style?
I would classify my style as beach/skater/designer, which I suppose could translate to casual, athletic, and a little fancy.
You’re an entrepreneur and game creator. How does your career influence your style, if at all?
There are three major influences on my style: Cali, occupation, and lifestyle.  As a game creator I’m always trying to fit the different pieces of a larger puzzle together so that [they] work as one — using those building blocks to create a solid game mechanic/foundation that appears as one cohesive vision. 
As an entrepreneur I am always trying to create a secret sauce, and being born and raised in Cali that pretty much goes hand in hand with the beach lifestyle and choices I make when picking out a wardrobe.
So, using all of these elements, my hope is that it comes across in my style, i.e.: Hurley hat with a Burberry jacket, plain white Calvin Klein tee with RCVA pants, and Marcelo Burlon County of Milan shoes. 
Who are some of your favorite designers/brands?  Jason Alejandre
I feel like my favorite designers/brands always shift, but right now I’m really liking the North Face Brain Dead Collab, Nike Undercover Collab, Reese Cooper, Ambush, John Elliott, and for socks, Anonymous ISM rocks — I wish they were easier to get here in the U.S. though.  
Who were your fashion influencers when you were coming into your own?
The person that got me started, unbeknownst to me, was my mom. When I was kid she would dress me up like I was straight out of a Macy’s catalog. I thought it was normal until my friends came over and said, “you always have the best clothes.” But to me I never noticed. 
I believe men’s casual fashion really changed dramatically over the last 5 years. The designer brands started doing a lot more and it felt like all the brands had really started expanding their men’s lineups for fashion. Initially it was just about the kicks you had on; now it’s all about the entire outfit.

Being based in LA, there’s not much of a season/weather change, but we are technically in fall. How do you transition your wardrobe from hot to cool weather?
I like working in a lot more lightweight jackets and hoodies, but truthfully, I really can’t buy another hoodie; I feel like I have way too many already [laughs]. I have the Scarface Supreme hoodie that I love and really want to wear, but just haven’t. Actually scratch what I said above about having too many hoodies and just blame it on the stay-at-home order instead? Okay, but really it’s a combination of both.

Jason Alejandre
Is grooming part of your style? If so, how does that factor in?
It really doesn’t. I get dressed, throw on hat, and then head to work. 

You must work lots of long hours. When you have the chance to get away, where is your favorite place to vacation?
This is an easy question. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If you check my Instagram you’ll see why. Amazing beaches, two-hour flight from LA (so it’s easy to go back and forth), great restaurants, and even though it’s a different country, Cabo has a cool, relaxing vibe that very much feels like a home away from home. Probably because everyone from here is also going there.

What do you wear when you travel?
Cabo is a bit hot at times, so I really like James Perse. Most of his pieces are lightweight, so whether it’s a t-shirt, sweater or shorts, it’s all good — and the concept store at Flora Farms is super cool too. While you’re there, grab a cinnamon roll (my fave).

For more information on Jason, please visit jasonalejandre.com.

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