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Ursula Corberó the new Style Icon

Ursula Corberó the new Style Icon

Ursula Corberó is Spanish and from Barcelona to be exact; therefore Catalan, 29 years old and a success that is no less than the most famous and followed supermodels and influencers.  All this certainly did not come by chance or thanks to gamespromo.codes but to a series produced by Netflix and already in its third season.

Ursula Corberó

Ursula Corberó, codenamed Tokyo – like the character she plays in the aforementioned series “Money Heist”, is undoubtedly the new world sex symbol and fashion icon. Ursula has a great taste in style. One example is the now iconic bob of her character in the series that has already become a cult haircut, an element that has contributed to the characterization of Tokyo. The actress herself said that cutting her hair was not easy for her, but it was definitely worth it given the results. Even in the choice of clothes, Corberó seems not to miss a blow, always appearing impeccably in every occasion and becoming an inspirational muse for girls and women from all over the world.

One of the most pleasant features of Ursula Corberó’s public figure is the ease with which she shows herself in everyday life and not. Through interviews, words and videos by which she became one of the most popular social celebrities in the world (especially on Instagram), the Spanish actress was able to give a fresh and immediate image of herself, without frills, which very often makes her really look like a normal person. In fact, we often forget that Ursula has become one of the most recognized faces in most part of the world.

Ursula CorberóUrsula is a strong, safe person, and she is not afraid to be herself. In addition to representing a style icon, she strengthens the image of the independent and enterprising woman. One of the main reasons why Ursula Corberó is happy about her success with La casa de papel (Money Heist) is because of the feminist image she has managed to convey. Tokyo, Nairobi and the inspector are all women who pull and manage the threads of history.

Muse of Bulgari, the maison to whom the actress lends her face in the successful new advertising campaign, perpetually courted by many leading designers, Ursula never ceases to gain acclaim. Also and above all on the already mentioned social networks, where she often gives free rein to her glam-rock side thanks to Anthony Vaccarello’s creations for Saint Laurent and I.AM.GIA, two of his fetish brands.

No one doubts that Ursula will continue to increase her international success for a long time: the girl is talented, good-looking and knows how to manage her fame in the best possible way. For those who hope to take over the beautiful actress, let your soul be at peace: since 2016, in fact, her heart has been beating for Chico Darin, an actor known on the set of the television show ‘The Embassy’ and from there was born a love that seems really destined to last forever.

Ursula Corberó has always had her own ideas. Her parents remember that already at the age of 6 she said she would become an actress and so she started with Spanish and Italian TV series and then moved on to the cinema. The real turning point for international success, however, came in 2017 with Money Heist.

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