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Top Games Celebrities Play Online

Celebrities. You might think they spend all day at extravagant photo shoots, answering awkward questions in interviews and getting dressed up in designer clothes around their glamorous jobs, but they do like to lounge around in their free time too, just like you.
With a console in hand or poised over the keyboard, some celebrities are spending their free time gaming. They could be out there right now, playing on Mecca Bingo or chasing down enemy players on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but who could you come across whilst playing online?

Top Games Celebrities Play Online

Kim Kardashian iPhone Hollywood Game
Kim Kardashian is surprisingly a celebrity who games and apparently loves the Call of Duty franchise. She also produced her own game, before attempting to break the Internet.
It isn’t quite a first person shooter, but a ‘freemium’ app for the phone and tablet, called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. She obviously knows what she’s doing as it was recently reported she has made $43.3million from the in app purchases since its launch in June. Yes, that’s right, 43 million dollars in five months. We wonder if Kanye plays it?
If you’ve actually become a little obsessed with the Kardashian app (and helped contribute towards Kim’s extravagant wealth) then never fear, celebrities get hooked on apps too. Actor Alec Baldwin was once apparently obsessed with the app Words with Friends and was kicked off a plane for refusing to turn his phone off, so he could continue playing the game. How mature.
Facebook games are one of those things you either love or hate. Most of us want to scream every time we receive a Farmville request but actress Emma Stone once admitted on a chat show that she would leave the dinner table to go and harvest her crops and that she finally had to quit Facebook to get rid of her addiction to the game.
Megan Fox and Mortal Combat
Another Hollywood starlet who games is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star Megan Fox, who claims to be a big fan of
If online multiplayer RPGs are more your thing then keep an eye out, because you could stumble across Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz or Vin Diesel battling it out in Azeroth, on World of Warcraft. Action star Vin Diesel is actually quite well known for playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, growing up and uploading Youtube videos of his gameplay on WoW. He also helped produce the game version of the Chronicles of Riddick film, which he of course played the lead in.the Mortal Kombat franchise. Here’s her playing the game, for all you guys out there.
So there you go, celebrities are just like us, spending time lounging about battling enemies and solving puzzles to level up and enjoy some down time and possibly downing whole bags of Doritos and tubs of Ben & Jerry’s at the same time… well, maybe that is just us.
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