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Tom Hollad To Play New Spider-Man

If you’re on top of your movie game, you’re well aware of all the super hero movies that have streamlined their way into mainstream movie goers hearts. Spider-Man is part of that phenomenon that has swept the nation. From Tobey Maguire, Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man, to Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2), Spider-Man has become a staple in our fascination with super heroes and other comic book characters.

For those who adored the first Spider-Man franchise (Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3), it took a bit of getting use to Andrew.  However, fans will have to fasten their seat belts once again, and get ready for new actor!  Due to a special deal between Marvel and Sony, the role of Spider-Man requires a younger and fresher face.
Who is the new Spider-Man?

Meet Tom Holland everyone!  At the ripe age of 19, he’s actually quite accomplished, starring in Billy Elliot on the West End in England, and sharing some screen time with fellow Marvel superstar, Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Some people may be disappointed in this casting, because according to USA Today, there had been hopes for a more diverse choice of actor.  However, excitement will surely build by the time the new Spider-Man swings into theaters.
Holland is rumored to make an appearance in the new Captain America movie, Captain America: Civil War. One thing is for certain, Holland is insanely talented and truly a great pick for this titular role.
Spider-Man’s release date is set for July 28, 2017.
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