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The Best Celebrity Beauty Tips Received In 2015

4We always have our ears to the ground for hot, new tips to become more like celebrities but some of these are better than others. Celebrities are what we all aspire to and if you want to look just as glamorous then you can follow our favorite tips from 2015 below.
Even if you don’t have a personal make-up artist like Cheryl Fernandez-Versini you can still pick up some great make up tips. Her advice is to know and look after your skin, as this is the foundation of all other make-up. She recommends eating avocado and moisturising well to make sure that you always look your best. If you can’t afford a make-up artist then play free bingo no card details until you win a jackpot that makes this a possibility.
2There are few older ladies as fabulous as Dame Joan Collins and she attributes this to staying out of the sun.  She recalled that a friend took her to Beverly Hills Hotel and pointed out all of the older women toasting in the sun. This was enough to put the lovely lady off tanning for life and this has kept her skin looking good.
Using pastel make up was one of the top trends of 2015 and using these effectively will put you on par with the celebrities. One of the creators of these products is Doe Deere, the owner and founder of Lime Crime. Her brand of cosmetics feature bright and colourful shades that can be mixed and matched in many ways. The key with these cosmetics is to err on the side of caution if you’re unsure about a shade but let your creativity flow once you are.
3Nails are an often overlooked part of the beauty routine and we’ve lost count of the celebrity engagement photos that focus on this body part. Regular maintenance has long been an established tip but there’s also a wonder product on the scene too. Coconut oil was endorsed by many celebrities as their favorite way to pamper their nails but its powers don’t stop there. Many people now swear by this to use on their nails, hair and face for all round good looks.
Although all these tips can help you glow there is one thing that can’t be substituted when it comes to looking your best. Helena Christensen is one celebrity we can relate to as she says there’s no cure for a bad night of sleep. She fully recommends being well rested and energised to continue to look amazing, no matter what age you are. For some people this is but a myth, as they simply don’t have time for the full eight hours and then the other beauty tips really come in handy.
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