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Taylor Swift Adds Cute Nod to Travis Kelce to New Eras Tour Set

Travis Kelce is going to feel so high school the next time he watches the Eras Tour

Taylor Swift added a sneaky tribute to her romance with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end in the choreography for her new Tortured Poets Department section of the setlist during her Paris concert May 9. 

During Taylor’s performance of the song “So High School,” the “Cruel Summer” singer and her back-up singers gave a subtle nod to his NFL team’s tradition of swag surfing when celebrating a touchdown—a custom she’s also joined in on while cheering him on at games.

In a clip shared to TikTok, Taylor and her dancers—clad in all-white—sat on bleachers while performing the dance as she sang the line, “It’s true, swear, scout’s honor / You know what you wanted and, boy, you got her.” 

And that’s not the only way the Grammy winner may have referenced Travis during the Tortured Poets era of her concert. Taylor, 34, also mashed up “So High School” with “But Daddy I Love Him,” leaving many to believe she was hinting that the last verse of the latter track is also an ode to the football star. 

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