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Shannon and Shannade Clermont Reinvent Themselves As Rapper Kanye West’s Favorite Models

Shannon and Shannade Clermont, collectively known as the Clermont Twins, first emerged in 2015 on the television show, Bad Girls Club. With their unique style, wealth and confidence, the Clermont Twins quickly became the stars of the season. Unfortunately, they were asked to leave the show after getting into an altercation with another member on Bad Girls Club. 

Shannon and Shannade Clermont, the Clermont Twins

Nevertheless, the Clermont Twins developed their fifteen-minutes into stable careers. They now have over 800,000 followers on Instagram, and were features in Rapper Kanye West’s fashion line, Yeezy Season 6. 

As real twin sisters who have posed nude together in several shoots, the Clermont Twins have become quite the spectacle. 

They now own a fashion line, the Mount Boudoir Collection, which highlights their unique styles. 

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Photo courtesy of @clermonttwins on Instagram

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