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Reese Witherspoon Teases Possible Third Legally Blonde Film

Sixteen years ago, a smart, young, fashionable woman went to law school. She dealt with misogyny, sexism, jealous classmates, and a professor who expected her to sleep with him for a vital spot in his class. Still, she remained sure of herself, her beliefs and abilities, and her love for pink clothes. That’s right, I am talking about the cult classic Legally Blonde. Elle Woods was a one of a kind woman and though she initially wanted to go to law school because of the daft Warner she came out on the other side at the top of her class with a new best friend (Warner’s ex fiancé) and a new worthy love of her own.

In “Legally Blonde 2,” we find Elle as strong and capable as ever as she juggles with the planning of her nuptials with her beau Emmett and the fight for animal rights. When Elle heads to Washington D.C. she is dismissed in the same way she was at Harvard Law in the first film, her feminine mannerisms and affinity for pink were again the subject of jokes and dismissal that was rooted in jealousy and elitism. When we last left the iconic character, Elle married Emmett and lived happily ever after. Still, fans of the movies always hoped for a third film and were meant with resounding no’s…until now.
A third film is not in the works exactly, but Elle herself, Reese Witherspoon, is open to it. In fact, at the Elle Women in Television dinner she said, “We’ve thought about it. I need somebody really clever to come up with a great idea and we will do it.”  Witherspoon believes that now more than ever is the perfect time to bring back the beloved character saying, “I think women need that kind of positivity right now.” We couldn’t agree more and we will be crossing our fingers in the hopes that we get the chance to see what Elle is up to after all these years.
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Reese Witherspoon Teases Possible Third Legally Blonde Film. Photo courtesy of Pinterest 

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