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Olivia Rodrigo kicks off her ‘Guts’ world tour, and fans are sharing setlist theories and more on social media

On Feb. 23, Olivia Rodrigo’s long-awaited “Guts” world tour — her sophomore tour and first-ever arena tour — kicks off in Palm Springs, Calif. Ahead of opening night, fans have taken to social media to express their excitement, discussing everything from outfit ideas to setlist theories.

Rodrigo’s second studio album, Guts, which earned her a Grammy nod for Album of the Year, was released on Sept. 8, 2023, and the tour was announced just five days later. The 21-year-old singer embarked on her first tour in 2022, in support of her debut studio album, Sour.

Potential covers of ’90s rock tracks?

Rodrigo fans have taken to Reddit as well as TikTok to speculate about the tour’s potential setlist. Many fans are under the impression that Rodrigo will likely play all 12 tracks from Guts, in addition to a few tracks from Sour — including her breakout hit, “Drivers License.” Some fans hope she covers ’90s rock songs, given that Rodrigo previously performed “You Oughta Know” alongside Alanis Morissette and that she’s made her appreciation for the genre and era well known.

Others believe she has enough time to perform both albums in full, while still being able to engage with fans in between tracks.

Savannah (@savgetsdown), a self-described “delulu fangirl” who has tickets to opening night, thinks Rodrigo may open the show with the fifth track on the album, “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl,” because “it’s the perfect upbeat song,” she told Yahoo News.

TikToker Shayna (@shaynasversion), on the other hand, thinks Rodrigo will open with the album’s first track, “All-American Bitch,” because of its lively tempo — the same tone Rodrigo set by opening with her track “Brutal” during the “Sour” tour.

“People are going to get so ready and so energized and so excited from that one song,” Shayna said in her video, before adding that she also thinks Rodrigo will play slower, more emotional tracks from Sour like “Traitor” and “Hope Ur Ok.”

Star-themed confetti?

During her Sour era, Rodrigo relied heavily on a butterfly motif to signal a transitional period in her life. In fact, purple confetti in the shape of butterflies came raining down at each show of her “Sour” tour. Branding for Rodrigo’s Guts era, on the other hand, appears to favor stars, which has led fans like Shayna to believe that they may be integral to the show.

“I noticed in a lot of her tour design promotions, they all have a common theme of stars,” she told Yahoo News. “[Rodrigo] ends up ‘spilling her guts’ out, and all the designs have her spilling out or throwing up stars. For the ‘Sour’ tour, it was butterfly-themed confetti, and I think for the ‘Guts’ tour, it’s going to be star-themed confetti.”

Are you a ‘Lacy’ or ‘Get Him Back!’ girlie?

The setlist isn’t the only aspect of the tour that’s widely being discussed online. Fans have actively looked to TikTok to help gain clarity on what outfit they should wear for their specific tour date. Rodrigo fans have offered up supportive feedback to one another on their fashion choices.

Nessa (@nessafaitha) took to TikTok to voice her dilemma about which color she should reference in her look. “What are the vibes for Guts tour? Are we wearing purple or red or black?” she asked.

Fans have voiced their desire to dress “on theme” for certain tracks. Rodrigo’s “Lacy,” for instance, is thought to deal with themes of girlhood, jealousy and the pursuit of perfection. For this song, then, some fans may opt for an ethereal or coquettish vibe, like a pale pink slip or a white lace dress. An edgier, cheekier track like “Get Him Back!” may inspire looks that feature leather, fishnets and chunky boots.

Could Rodrigo’s boyfriend be in attendance?

When Rodrigo performed on Saturday Night Live back in December 2023, fans were quick to note that her boyfriend, English actor Louis Partridge, was in attendance. Of course, boyfriends traveling to support their girlfriends — and vice versa — isn’t anything new in this industry. With this in mind, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Partridge, who’s been linked to Rodrigo since October 2023, may be at one or more of her tour dates in the near future.

A representative for Rodrigo did not respond to a request from Yahoo News for comment.

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