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Netflix’s ‘Anne with an E’ Actress Amybeth McNulty Talks About Nasty Criticism

The Anne of Green Gables reboot, Anne with an E returns on Netflix with season two. Although there are a lot of fans of the update, there are a faire share of critics. Some seem to think that Anne with an E is a far cry from the 1985 miniseries with Megan Follows. Whether you like the reboot or not, it’s clear that many take it a step too far with rude, unwarranted comments. Actress Amybeth McNulty talks about nasty criticism in a recent interview with Independent.

Amybeth McNulty’s Attitude Toward Unnecessary Criticism is Golden

Amybeth was fifteen when she read the initial responses from online trolls about Anne with an E. Most of these were based solely on McNulty’s appearance. McNulty voiced her shock and initial feelings to Independent.

“Bearing in mind this was the first thing I had ever really done that was really that big, I never expected criticism, because they hadn’t even seen my performance yet. I remember specifically the first 12 comments were just so nasty towards me and specifically towards my appearance. It really hit me. I was 15 when that trailer released and that’s such a tender age.”

She has agreed to take the high road, moving forward with her head held high. After letting the bad vibes roll off of her back, McNulty has stated that “in the end I’m just doing my job…and the criticism is not going to change anything I’ve done or will do in the future.”


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Netflix’s ‘Anne with an E’ Actress Amybeth McNulty Talks About Nasty Criticism. Featured Photo Credit: Getty Images, GoodHousekeeping.com

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