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Kelly Rutherford Reunited With Kids

Chances are if you grew up watch CW11 shows, you’ve watched Gossip Girl. And even if you didn’t, even bigger chances are you’ve binge watched GG one long vacation month. It’s addicting and the actors are all drop dead gorgeous.
Even the mother.
Kelly Rutherford has a long history in the entertainment business. She gained her fame through a NBC daytime soap opera known as Generations in 1989.
However, Rutherford became quite popular on the show Gossip Girl playing Serena Van Der Woodsen’s mom, Lily Van Der Woodsen. Her cool features and classic beauty won the hearts of many. However, underneath all the fame and fortune an ugly custody battle was being ensued during 2008- 2010.
Rutherford had married German businessman Daniel Giersch in 2006. Two years and 2 babies later, she filed for divorce. Upon the birth of her second child, Giersch complained about being uninformed about the birth of his child and only came to find out through media reports. In 2009, joint custody was settled upon until 2012 after Giersche visitation was revoked. Unable to enter the U.S., he was forced to find refuge in France and Monaco.
Rutherford fought for sole custody in the United States due to the expenses of traveling back and forth to visit her children. However, the state of California denied this request and left custody at 50/50. The children would remain in France and Rutherford would have to go and visit them.
On May  2015, Rutherford was granted sole custody after a petition went viral and was supported by many of her peers on the matter.
On July 4th, a reunion after 6 years of attempting to regain custody, Rutherford finally had her children on U.S. soil. Although the battle is far from over, it’s safe to say this Fourth was a special one for Ms. Rutherford.
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Kelly Rutherford Reunited with Kids: Dario Cantatore/Getty Images

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