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Jay Z & Solange’s Elevator Scuffle

Word on the street is that rapper Jay Z was ferociously attacked by Beyonce’s little sister Solange Knowles, who was wildly kicking and swinging at him inside of an elevator, and the attack was captured on surveillance video. According to TMZ “it all went down at a Met Gala after party last week at the Standard Hotel in NYC.  In the video … Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange step into the elevator … and then Solange goes crazy, screaming at Jay before unleashing a violent attack.”
A bodyguard attempted to hold Solange back, but she managed to successfully punch Jay Z at least 3 times. At one point Solange throws a kick and Jay grabs her foot, but never attempts to strike her.  Beyonce stands by without getting physically involved.
If you look closely at the video you can see the bodyguard hit the emergency stop switch on the 12th floor, mid-flight, as if to keep the fight private. At one point, Solange smacks Jay Z with her purse and all the contents spill out on the elevator floor. Eventually all 3 celebrities exit the elevator, but not before Solange gets in a few last minute shots.
All 3 also exited the building together. Solange looks furious as her and Beyonce get into one car, while Jay Z is escorted by security to a different one. It is still unclear what triggered the fight.
The news of Jay Z & Solange’s elevator scuffle is shocking to say the least. 3 celebrities who are rarely in the media for negative reasons sure have every social media site buzzing now. Although the reason for the fight remains a mystery, I can only imagine how humiliated Jay Z, Beyonce, and Solange must feel. Hopefully, Jay and Solange can reconcile their differences and maybe this little incident will blow over.
Watch the shocking elevator fight between Jay Z and Solange Knowles here! Jay Z and Solange’s Elevator Scuffle
(Video courtesy of TMZ)
(Featured image courtesy of E! Online)

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