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Touring, Music, and More with The Regrettes

LA-based punk-rock band The Regrettes have quickly become one of the most talked about bands in the up-and-coming music scene. The band’s mix of powerful punk melodies and personal songwriting make them stand out as an electrifying force. We got the chance to talk with the band’s frontwoman, Lydia Night, about their success thus far, and what they’re excited for on their upcoming tour.
Cliché: How did The Regrettes form?
Lydia Night: We all met three years ago at School of Rock. We were all friends, but kind of lost touch afterward. I saw them again around the end of 2015. I was in a two-piece band and had just lost my drummer, so I was in need of band again. That’s when we all came together to form the band.
How long have you all been performing together?
We’ve been performing together since January, but we’ve been playing on our own since we were all 6 or 7 years old.
What has been the band’s biggest inspiration?
I think we all get inspired by other bands we play with. The bands we open up for on tour have a big influence on us. We all have similar tastes, but we’re also very different, so we each bring something different to the table. Mostly, we’re inspired by the people we’re surrounded by and by each other.
Where do you find the inspiration to write your songs?
I’m mostly inspired by my everyday life. Songs come to me from listening to other people. I like writing from other people’s perspectives, listening to them, then writing about whatever they’re going through.

I’m mostly inspired by my everyday life. Songs come to me from listening to other people.

“Hey Now” is such a great punk rock song. Are you working on any other music?
Thank you! Yes, all of the time! We’ve been starting to write as a band which is really exciting. We’re constantly coming up with new music.
What’s been the most exciting part of your success thus far?
Getting offered a record deal has definitely been one of the craziest, most exciting moments!
What about touring are you most excited for?
We’re really excited to hang out with Sleigh Bells! Also experiencing new places and new adventures, seeing new things, and meeting people that enjoy our music from all over.
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Touring, Music, and More with The Regrettes: Photographed by Jen Rosenstein

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