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NFL Network Host Taylor Bisciotti on How Sports Connect Us All

NFL Network Host Taylor Bisciotti on How Sports Connect Us All

Athletics can be a powerful uniting force. Just ask NFL Network host Taylor Bisciotti. “Sports are amazing because it’s a vessel to bring everyone together,” she says. “A great example of this is the World Cup. Whether you follow soccer or not, it’s incredible to see everyone passionately rooting for their country and become immersed in the storylines. Lines formed at 7am here in LA when the US was playing. It’s an outlet that allows you to forget about all your day-to-day problems and stresses and just enjoy cheering for your team. It’s a way to build relationships, bond with people you normally wouldn’t have something in common with, and realize how similar we all really are.” Her affinity is very personal. “Sports have played a big role in my life. From playing tennis, soccer, and cheerleading growing up, to covering sports for a living now, it’s a huge part of my life.” Her family has been bonding over football for as long as she can remember. “It’s something we all love and are passionate about. I spoke earlier about how sports bring people together and it’s no different for my family and me. It played a significant role in bringing us together from a common interest/ passion perspective as well as physically bringing us together by getting to see each other more often at games. I’ll never take that for granted.” When most people think about football, fashion is probably low on the list of associations. Taylor sees things differently. To her, the commonalities are obvious. “There is such a crossover between the two. Have you seen the players get off their buses on game day? They love being best dressed! I love seeing it. It’s a great way to express themselves and for the fan to get a closer look into what their personalities are.”

Sports journalism proved to be an obvious career path for Taylor, as it combined all of her interests. “I love storytelling and writing. English and journalism were always my favorite subjects in school. Never say never, but I haven’t ever had as much passion for hard news as I do for sports and entertainment.” She is most moved by the players who bring their investments beyond the gridiron. Community impact can carry on for decades. “Andrew Whitworth and Calais Campbell are two players that have always seen football as a way to use their platform for something far beyond the game. They use their platforms to bring attention to underserved areas and are always the first to volunteer for community events that the teams get involved in. It’s truly wonderful to see. We often highlight the stories of players getting in trouble or when they do something wrong, but I’ve found that the majority of players are incredible leaders in their communities and always finding ways to give back. I wish that stuff was celebrated and talked about more.”

Taylor also acknowledges the women trailblazers in the field. “I had it easy. So many women that came before me were pioneers in this industry, making it ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ to have women covering sports. I’m grateful they paved the way.” She feels right at home in her line of work. “The players are incredibly respectful. As with anything in life, It’s important that you portray yourself how you want to be treated. If you want to be treated professionally, then act and portray yourself in a professional manner. I have always done that and the players respond with respect.” If you’re looking for a career in sports journalism, her advice is simple. Effort and tenacity will carry you anywhere. “Intern, ask to shadow reporters or anchors, and be proactive. People are usually willing to help.” In sports and beyond, team players are essential. 

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NFL Network Host Taylor Bisciotti on How Sports Connect Us All. Photo Credit: Derek Kettela.

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