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MAR Reminds Women of Their Worth in New Single, “CALAVERA”

MAR Reminds Women of Their Worth in New Single, “CALAVERA”

Each aspect of music makes MAR whole. She is particularly enamored of composition. “Composition is, to me, a key within,” she explains. “It’s a practice that allows me to better understand and really solidify who I am as an artist!” Writing songs prompts a similar internal introspection. “Songwriting is very therapeutic; it is truly a process where I fully indulge in whatever it is I’m feeling and observe it passing through me. This process allows me to feel at a deep capacity, which I find to be an enormous blessing in my healing journey. I am forever grateful that I get to do it every single day or whenever I am drawn to it!” She still has to pinch herself when she reflects on how far she has come. “To be a young rising star in the Latin music world means the absolute world to me because I feel a huge responsibility and calling to be a voice for Latinos in America. I grew up in the US with parents who are immigrants from Cuba and Mexico, so I have come to deeply empathize and understand them and see that we are far more alike than we are different! I pray that one day I can make an enormous difference, as I truly believe that music shapes our world.”

Her recent single, “QUEDATÉ,” celebrates her professional evolution. “This song is really special to me because it’s the first song I’ve ever released in my life as a soloist, marking this new, beautiful era of my life. I felt I was able to honor and love myself more deeply through this new music and come to understand that all that comes from love is divine and meant to be.” The style of the song encapsulates her pride in her heritage. ”Although I am very experimental and am excited for my audience to see more of this, my first time being an urban pop just felt natural and right for me, especially by performing in both English and Spanish. Having grown up in the United States with Latino parents, I am very proud of my roots and also very grateful to be part of the fabric of the United States, so it means a lot to capture this in my music style.” Its lyrics conjure the adrenaline rush of meeting someone charismatic. “These lyrics talk about an instantaneous moment, the type of moment that is truly rare. We can choose to embrace it or let it fall away. I said what was on my mind and wouldn’t want it any other way.”

In that same spirit of candor, MAR has released her latest single, “CALAVERA,” aiming to reinvigorate women trapped in dead end relationships with those who take them for granted. “‘CALAVERA’ is a song that I dedicate to all of the girls that have slipped up in falling for somebody not worthy of their presence. I want it to serve as a reminder of how we can tap into our power and how quickly we can bounce back when we know our worth. The mood of the song is definitely uplifting and empowering, and to me, it really feels like getting back on my feet and just owning it.” Lots of happy things are on the horizon for MAR. “I believe the best things in life come unexpected. I have an album ready that I am super excited about releasing as soon as possible. I am just gathering the last bits of what needs to be done and can’t wait to share more in the coming months!” Keep up with updates on her website, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter.

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MAR Reminds Women of Their Worth in New Single, “CALAVERA.” Photo Credit: Marbella Music.

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