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Aysha Harun Spreads Ramadan Blessings and Modest Fashion Tips

Despite distance from loved ones, Aysha Harun is feeling grateful this Ramadan. Holiday customs can change, but what’s important is the sense of joy. “My husband and I are celebrating Ramadan on our own here in LA this year, as we both don’t have family in the city,” she reveals. “It’s been really nice creating our own traditions and cooking together, but I do really miss celebrating Ramadan with my big family in Toronto. Nevertheless, Ramadan is such a beautiful month to reconnect with our faith, give charity and reflect on all our blessings, so we’re making the most of it!” Ramadan preparations are her specialty. Every corner of her house is festive! Decor can add warmth, even when your nearest and dearest are far away. “Decorating my home for Ramadan is something I only started once I moved out on my own, but it’s quickly become tradition for me now. I love decorating with reminders of my faith, little mosque and crescent moon decor items and cute containers that hold dates for when we break fast. I also love putting up lanterns and lights around the home so that in the evening as we enjoy our iftar (meal we break fast with), there’s beautiful moody lighting.” That gap will be closing soon, as a trip is in order! “Every year for Eid, I fly back home to Toronto to spend it with my family. Eid is a time to celebrate with loved ones and it only feels like Eid to me when I’m back at home. This year, I’ll be flying out a week before Eid to spend the last bit of Ramadan with my family. On the day of Eid, we usually start the day by going to the mosque for the congregational Eid prayer, followed by a family brunch. Then my cousins and I will usually plan something fun for the evening like a game night or other activity.”

Over time, Aysha was compelled to incorporate more of herself into her platform. Her Muslim identity is a very cherished piece of her heart. “It was a gradual pull towards showcasing more of my faith within my content. In the beginning of my online career, I kept it strictly about beauty and fashion, but as the years went on and my community started growing, my followers kept requesting to see more of my life. So I started by vlogging on Eid in 2016 and that was the beginning of sharing more of my faith online. It’s a special way of sharing something so deeply important to me in my personal life with the world. For those that belong to the Islamic faith, it’s an opportunity for them to see how another person in their faith partakes in celebrations and for those that are not Muslim, it’s a way to see how other faiths celebrate important occasions. The positive responses from my community have encouraged me to continue sharing special moments like these.” She’s also considered an icon of modest fashion. Hotter temperatures are no match for her style. “I’ll be honest, as much as I LOVE the spring – it’s my birthday season – dressing for warmer weather can be a bit of a struggle for modest-dressers. Spring isn’t too warm yet, so I love layering pretty maxi skirts and dresses with cardigans and light trench coats for a chic seasonal look. I’ve been loving the resurgence of ballet flats as well, so pairing that with your skirts and dresses adds the cutest feminine accent to an outfit while staying comfortable. For the summer, I pretty much live in linen. Linen tops, linen trousers, linen dresses, linen everything. It’s the most breathable material for the summer and is a dream for modest dressers. I love searching for more tailored linen pieces that compliment my curvy body shape, yet still give me that modest effortless look. Some of my favorite linen is from Abercrombie, Dissh and Banana Republic.” Innovation is the key to trendsetting with coverage. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank! “I love to experiment with different trends, but it can sometimes get tough, depending on the cuts and styles. My best styling tip is layering nude-colored bodysuits underneath so that I can pull off any style, yet still maintain my modesty. Most of my layering pieces are from Skims because they have the best shade range, but I recently discovered Pumiey and it’s incredible as well and much more affordable!”

As for keeping your skin hydrated in the months ahead, stick to the basics. An easy routine will keep you glowing – just don’t neglect a certain essential step! “I’m definitely skincare obsessed! If I’m honest, my skin thrives in the summer, so I really just like to keep things simple. Hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin C for brightening and SPF for sun protection every single day. I will never skip my sunscreen, especially in the summer, and you shouldn’t either!” Aysha is thrilled to soon be launching a lip oil collaboration with a Black-owned beauty brand that she’s admired for ages. “I am genuinely SO excited for this collaboration. For those that have followed me for years, it’s going to be quite obvious who this brand is and I couldn’t be more honored. It’s such a perfect fit and dream collaboration and I can’t wait to share more soon!” For both her and her audience, the future will be exhilarating. 

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Aysha Hurun Spreads Ramadan Blessings and Modest Fashion Tips. Photo Credit: Gabriella Photos.

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