Antonia Lydia Basks in the Influencer Lifestyle

Antonia Lydia Basks in the Influencer Lifestyle

Art is what drives Antonia Lydia. “I just love getting creative and creating art. I think that’s pretty much my main focus,” she says. “It’s a huge motivation for me to see that there are girls out there who can take inspiration from me. That’s literally the best thing ever. I’m a very ambitious person who sets clear goals that get me excited. Just thinking about what I want to achieve motivates me to give my best.” Surprisingly, she hasn’t always considered herself creative. “I think I was the only girl in school that hated art. My mum was always making fun of how she could have birthed such an uncreative child when she herself is an art teacher. The creativity came when I got into social media. Even though I have to say I still think there is a lot of room to grow and improve. But social media really inspired me to become a lot more creative. I see so much inspiration on social media which just makes me want to get creative. There are so many beautiful things out there. Also, I’m getting a lot of input from my friends. Seeing them create content also inspires me.”

Her content creation started as a curiosity before becoming a career. “My first boyfriend, Deni, started with it and he was so passionate and ambitious about it. I never really had a plan to start at first – I just wanted to understand what he was doing and then I started to like it. We also had a quite public relationship for a while and did social media together so it was a lot of fun. Deni always helped and supported me, and taught me how to edit my pics better so he has a big part in it. So in the beginning, it was all just for fun until I signed with THE ACE Agency. From that point on, I was a full-time influencer and my life changed almost overnight. Seeing them being so enthusiastic and passionate about social media got me wanting to create more and get even more into it.”

Working as an influencer has shown Antonia how much she is truly capable of. “I do so many things on my own. I shoot a lot with my tripod, but often I also have help (shoutout to my friends that never get annoyed). Also traveling alone or just in general being self-employed makes you realize you have to be independent.” She’s always mindful when it comes to brand partnerships. “My agency, The ACE Agency, has a huge part in it. I have to say my agent Marie knows me so well, almost like a best friend would. She knows exactly which brand I would like and who would suit me. I basically only work with brands if I love their style or products. The brands I work with represent me as a person so it’s quite important for me that it’s a match. For example, I was wearing Ohpolly years before I started working with them and it was my favorite brand, so I feel so honored to be working with them.” Travel is perhaps her greatest passion.  “I have the life I always dreamed of and even if it gets stressful sometimes, I wouldn’t want to change it. It’s so beautiful to explore the world and get to see so many different cultures. I really enjoy this feeling of freedom, knowing I can go anywhere in the world whenever I want because I’m so flexible with my job. Also for content, it’s amazing to be able to always do something new/different and get a fresh vibe in it.” If you want to get into influencing, Antonia advises that it’s best to dive right in. “Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start. Not everything has to be perfect. It’s better to give 80% consistently than 100% once. That’s one thing I really had to learn. Sometimes you are too hard on yourself and for example, you don’t post something because you think it’s not good enough or you could do better, but that’s something you really need to let go of and just do it. Trust me, you will improve during your journey, but the most important thing is to start.”  The first step is usually the most difficult, but can often yield the highest reward.

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Antonia Lydia Basks in the Influencer Lifestyle. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Antonia Lydia.

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