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Highlights from the Emmys 2016

It was the biggest night for television… The Emmys! AKA the award show for anyone and everyone who stays glued to their small screens making sure they catch up on all the latest shows. However, after the award show, I realized how behind I am on all these Emmy-nominated shows even though I feel like I’m barely making it through my DVR. But anyways…

Late night, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel hosted the night away on ABC and in true award show fashion, the introduction was a montage of a few nominated series all strategically put together in hopes to get Kimmel to the show on time. From James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” to a Veep, main characters of each show lent a hand to get Kimmel where he needed to be.
From Kimmel’s opening bit to the small but huge impacting comments regarding diversity throughout the night, the Emmys were the one to watch. Why? This is how an award show should be. It’s as if none of the celebrities had a real care about what was coming out of their mouth and pretty sure, 90% of them were all for team Hillary Clinton. If it wasn’t a jab at Donald Trump, it was a cheer for Hillary Clinton, which I loved since what a better way to get your message out about voting than putting it out there on one of the biggest platforms to do so?
Aside from the obvious comments regarding the current upcoming election, there were jaw-dropping/loud cheering/hilarious moments throughout the night and in case you completely skipped out on the show, here’s the SparkNotes version so you could join in on the conversation:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Photo by Invision/AP.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Photo by Invision/AP.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Winning Speech

Julia accepted the award as ‘Outstanding Lead Actress in Comedy Series’ and to everyone’s surprise, or at least to mine, her speech put you through a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish. Louis-Dreyfus joked that Veep seemed to be “a show started out as a political satire, but it now feels more like a sobering documentary. So I certainly do promise to rebuild that wall… and make Mexico pay for it.” Then, she dedicated her award to her father, who recently passed away, and I felt my heart drop.


Rami Malek. Photo by Invision/AP.

Rami Malek Wins ‘Best Actor in a Drama Series’ for Mr. Robot

“Please tell me you are seeing this, too.” Yes, Rami. We saw it. The whole world saw it. Malek took the W for his outstanding role in Mr. Robot which he couldn’t actually believe. Believe it, Malek.

Alan Yang (L) and Aziz Ansari (R). Photo by Invision/AP.

Alan Yang (L) and Aziz Ansari (R). Photo by Invision/AP.

Asians Need More!

Very earlier in the night, Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang won ‘Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series’ for their episode ‘Parents.’ The other real winner was Yang’s speech when he voiced his opinion that Asians need and will contribute more to the world. The best line was when he pleaded with Asian parents to stop enforcing their children to learn the violin and pick up a camera instead. Ha!

Jimmy Kimmel. Photo by Invision/AP.

Jimmy Kimmel. Photo by Invision/AP.

PB&J + The Emmys

I’ve never been to an actual award show, but I could only imagine that you’d be starving for about three hours. Kimmel knew and took advantage of that moment to have his mom make PB&J sandwiches for everyone in the crowd… And have the kids of Stranger Things deliver it! Celebrities. They’re just like us.

Leslie Jones. Photo by Invision/AP.

Leslie Jones. Photo by Invision/AP.

Leslie Jones Addresses The Real Need for Security

If you aren’t aware of the Leslie Jones situation, you were probably confused by this bit when she walked out with the accountants of the Emmys. Apparently, it’s necessary to have the ballots completely sealed and untouched until the night of the actual show when the winner is revealed. Leslie took it upon herself to address the real need for something to be untouched: Her Twitter account. Back in July, for some reason, a few Twitter users decided to pretty much bully Leslie via Twitter. It was a feud that was unnecessary but being the amazing woman she is, Leslie knows how to handle her own and doesn’t let it get to her. Bye haters.

Sterling K. Brown’s Humble Reaction for HIS Win!

Sorry, John Travolta and David Schwimmer. Sterling K. Brown took the Emmy home for ‘Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series’ with his role in The People v. O.J. Simpson. The sheer and utter shock on his face alone was something you couldn’t resist but clap for.

Bill Cosby? Bueller?

In one of the weirdest/awkwardest/unexpected moments of the night, Bill Cosby was introduced by the announcer and there was a look of confusion from almost everyone in the crowd. Joke’s on them! Jimmy Kimmel came out a few seconds after to admit he only did that to see what their reactions would be. AWKWARD!

Transgender Community Got The Voice They Deserved

From Jill Soloway to Jeffrey Tambor to Laverne Cox, the transgender community’s voice was heard thanks to these three. It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL thing to see and just as Tambor noted in his winning speech when he accepted the award for ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series,’ I wouldn’t be mad either if he was the last cisgender male portraying a transgender woman.
A huge round of applause for this year’s Emmys. What was your favorite moment? Let us know below!
For a complete list of the night’s winners, head over to the Emmys Website.
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