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‘Hard Knocks’ episode has football Hall of Famer Dan Marino giving the gift of gloves

This week’s episode of Hard Knocks: In Season with the Miami Dolphins was filled with plenty of gift-giving and holiday cheer, but there was one moment in particular involving Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino and a famous product he once endorsed as a player that had the show trending on social media.

The sixth episode of the season featured a bunch of different star players gifting elaborate items to their teammates, including speedy wide receiver Tyreek Hill giving everyone the rather fitting gift of electric scooters that go “43 miles per hour” according to Hill.

And even though the team’s starting quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, got all of his fellow quarterbacks brand new golf simulators, it was a simple and unwrapped gift handed out by Marino to all of the QBs that was the biggest hit of the show: Isotoner gloves.

The Dolphins legend spent his entire 17-year career with the team and now serves as a special adviser, spending much of his time with the budding star Tagovailoa and the rest of quarterbacks.

During his playing days, Marino served as a spokesperson for the Isotoner brand, appearing in a number of commercials mostly for their gloves while using the popular catchphrase, “Take care of the hands that take care of you.” He was most recently associated with the brand in 2018 with a campaign focused around how people still ask him for Isotoner gloves at the holidays.

Marino’s work with Isotoner was further highlighted on a larger scale in the 1994 comedy film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, in which he played himself while acting alongside Jim Carrey and Courteney Cox.

Viewers reacting to Hard Knocks on social media absolutely loved the moment with Marino and the quarterbacks, which with its wholesome and loving vibe was a microcosm of all the gift-giving seen during the episode.

This marks the 21st season for the award-winning Hard Knocks — which began back 2001 — and the third year it has followed an in-season team. The show will continue with the Dolphins until their season is over.

New episodes of Hard Knocks: In Season with the Miami Dolphins air Tuesday at 9 p.m. on HBO and are available for streaming on Max.

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