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Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, and Channing Tatum being eyed for Kingsman spin-off Called Statesmen

Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, and Jeff Bridges being eyed for Kingsman spin-off called Statesmen

While a majority of fans assumed Halle Barry, Jeff Bridges, and Channing Tatum’s appearances in Kingsman: The Golden Circle was a one-time thing, they’re being eyed for a spin-off. Apparently, Matthew Vaughn is producing a Statesmen spin-off with the trio at the center. Vaughn revealed that Statesmen is one of multiple Kingsman properties currently in development whilst talking to Empire Magazine.

What’s interesting about Statesmen is that it’s the only spin-off with a central cast — that is assuming Berry, Bridges, and Tatum return to reprise their roles. With the exception of Halle Berry, who preemptively signed on for an additional film following Golden Circle, neither Tatum or Bridges has confirmed whether or not they’re returning. Of course, the popularity of the ever-expanding Kingsman universe is bound to draw them back in.

With two other films in development and a TV show in the works, it practically tells us the Kingsman universe is going to become massive — possibly bigger than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, that might be reason enough for Bridges and Tatum to return. Plus, all three actors need a franchise in which to show off their enormous acting talents.

Each respective actor has had success in various films over the years but none have a franchise to call their own. Lucky for them, the Kingsman universe is one in which they can. The cinematic universe is still in its early years and the only real competition Berry, Bridges, and Tatum have for the spotlight are Colin Firth and Taron Edgerton; making the case for them to return that much greater.

Assuming they do return, there could be more in store for the Statesmen than just a spin-off. Halle Berry signed on for a two-picture deal before Kingsman: The Golden Circle and she could extend her contract if more follow-ups are offered. The growing nature of the Kingsman universe does seem to indicate a widely connected universe is being fleshed out so perhaps the American agents will be needed again. Who knows, they might even show up in the direct follow-up to Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The film did end with Tequila (Channing Tatum) joining the Kingsman after all.

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