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Gigi Dia: Introducing an Amazing French Actress

Gigi Dia

Gigi Dia is a name we recommend you get familiar with. The French actress is becoming one of Hollywood’s go-to’s and she is just getting started! 

Gigi Dia, Rising Star

Gigi Dia’s career skyrocketed when she was cast in the film The Daily Dreamer, a psychedelic short film about the transformative power of sleep. The release of The Daily Dreamer was a success with 4 official festival selections spanning from California, through Europe and even to Russia.The prestigious festivals include the Marina Del Rey Film Festival 2019, Moscow Shorts Film Festival 2019, Golden State Film Festival 2020 and Esoteric Film Festival 2020. Gigi Dia

At the beginning of this year, she took on the role of a reporter in the upcoming Netflix movie The Prom, directed by Ryan Murphy. Through this experience she worked alongside the likes of Kerry Washington and Meryl Streep.

Gigi also landed a role on an episode of HBO’s Insecure alongside Issa Rae, playing a vendor. She also stars in the upcoming short film Eating Lisa, which details the story of Gamalielle, who is on a mission to steal and eat the famous painting of Mona Lisa. Of the role, Gigi said “To me it is very funny to play this as a French person. And I literally had to eat a picture of Mona Lisa, so that was also a great experience.” 

In Niofar Gigi Dia plays a young foreign girl from Senegal who freshly arrives in France. The short film received tremendous adoration. It garnered 21 selections in some of the top global film festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival and Sundance. It also received 6 awards through its festival run.

Gigi has gained the respect of acclaimed filmmakers in the industry. She’s now one of the go-to actresses for studios and filmmakers when testing for their projects.

With her continuous rise in the film industry, Gigi Dia is on track to become a huge name in Hollywood. Landing roles in some of the most anticipated films and television shows can be difficult, but Gigi is showing that she has what it takes to rise above the rest!

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