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Erin Foster Gives Birth, Welcomes Baby With Husband Simon Tikhman

Erin Foster Gives Birth, Welcomes Baby With Husband Simon Tikhman

“YES Mama and Papa!” Jennifer Aniston penned. “Welcome, Noa girl.”

Meanwhile Hilary Duff, who just welcomed her fourth baby earlier this month, cheekily added, “Dude!!!!! You did it!!!!!!!! Gahhhhh! These pictures are incred!!!! So are you two—and Simon.” 

Erin’s sisters also stepped in to offer praise—and some respectable sibling teasing. 

“We love you so much Noa, you are your dad’s twin.” Sara wrote, and then poked fun at one of Erin’s birthing photos adding, “Not sure slide 6 was necessary.”

And Jordan also chimed in with her take on Erin’s birth, commenting, “Remember when we thought the birth might be so easy that you’d actually be letdown after all the buildup of a home birth? Lol.”

Erin’s mom Rebecca, naturally, offered a more sentimental approach. 

“SO PROUD of you my Warrior of a Daughter,”  Rebecca wrote. “You did it with deep courage & a fierce determination. Your Noa is here. I AM so blessed to be your mother. I love you Erin with my whole heart.”

While Erin and Simon may be the latest celebrities to welcome a new addition to their family, they’re not the only couple to do so in 2024. Keep reading for all the new celebrity babies this year.

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