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Wild Women of Planet Wongo Lands With A Bang

First written for a University of Michigan workshop, Ben Budick, Steve Mackes, and Dave Ogrin’s Wild Women of Planet Wongo lands in New York City with a bang. After re-working the originally standard performance, the show has transformed into an immersive experience where the audience members get to roam around Planet Wongo (that’s right, there is no stage and no seats) and interact directly with the actors one on one for a theatre experience like no other.

Although still a three-act arc, this comedic sci-fi story is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and successfully  brings you into the world that this trio was so proud to create. This show, or rather experience, is the perfect way to spend an evening as although slightly ludicrous, the world remains thoughtful and acts as place to escape in for a few hours. Running until March 18th, Planet Wongo finds its home in the lower east side at the Parkside Lounge with shows every other weekend.
Check out Cliche’s exclusive peak behind the scenes look at this immersive experience!

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Wild Women of Planet Wongo Lands With A Bang. Image courtesy of Wild Women of Planet Wongo.

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