‘When Dragons Awake’ Trailer Coming to San Diego Comic-Con

On June 24, J S A P Media premiered its concept trailer for their new action/thriller film When Dragons Awake, the first in the trilogy, at The Woman’s Club in Upper Montclair, NJ by special invitation. Now, the trailer is set to premiere at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21-24 for the rest of the world to enjoy.

When Dragons Awake is written, directed, and produced by J. Stacey Adams and tells the story of a war between two powerful government groups that were created in order to terminate American enemies abroad. The powerful Mordecai (played by J. Stacey Adams) is the leader of one group, and Sujin Sue (renowned international martial artist and actor Vincent Lyn) is the alpha male of the other. However, both struggle to control each group’s purpose, survival, and future, and a fierce battle for power ensues—one that leaves the entire world in fear.

Executive Producer Lyn Adams with Director, Producer, and Writer J. Stacey Adams

Executive Producer Lyn Adams with Director, Producer, and Writer J. Stacey Adams

Choreographed by Joey Min, When Dragons Awake includes a cast of talented martial artists and actors both new and old: Vincent Lyn (Sujin Sue), Stacey Adams (Mordecai), Executive Producer Lyn Adams (Dr. Montclair), Joey Min (Sujin Yee), James Lee (Titus), Donald Tucker (Judah), Andy Price (Micah), Alexandria Williams (Sirye), Tresa Man (Jade), Teresa Nash (Angelique), Angela Jordan (Angelica), Angela Lynn (Trina), Tuhon Felix Cortes (Asher), Sharif Anael-Bey (Enoch), Gerald (Lil G Bomb) Javier (Osirus), and Richard Burgos (Capt. Hooks).
About the Director
FB_IMG_1466171909005John Stacey Adams (or simply Stacey Adams) has written countless songs, movies, and plays over the span of his career. His affiliations include Trumpet Records, Vista Music, Sony, Charisma Records, Zakia Records, MTV, and many more. He is an ordained Pastor and Bishop and currently holds two Doctorate degrees in Theology and Hermeneutic Science. Adams is also known to be the founder of gospel rap music, as he was the first to ever record the 1989 and 1990 Gospel Rap Hits “I Heard The Voice” and later “Teach The Word” on Trumpet Records and SOH Music. His first role in a hit film was in the now infamous 1979 Oscar-winning documentary Scared Straight. After taking a 10-year recess from the theater arts to build his ministry, Adams returned to build his own productions company, John Stacey Adams Productions (or J S A P Media Productions). He is currently working on the trilogy of When Dragons Awake, starring International martial art action star Vincent Lyn.
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For more information, visit www.jsapmedia.com or like them on Facebook. Be on the look-out for the trailer release later this July!
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‘When Dragons Awake’ Trailer Coming to San Diego Comic-Con: Photographs and biography courtesy of JSAP Media

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