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It’s time to get pitch-slapped because The Barden Bellas are back this week with the much anticipated sequel to 2012’s surprise hit, Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect 2 begins three years after the events of the first film, during an unfortunate and very public incident, which includes Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) flashing Barack Obama – a scandal dubbed ‘Muffgate’. Following this catastrophe, John (John Michael Higgins), a misogynistic commentator and his co-commentator, Gail (Elizabeth Banks), disqualify the disgraced group from competing in Nationals. But never fear, the Bella’s are told that they have a shot at restitution during the international championships in Copenhagen, if they can take the title against the German group, Das Sound Machine. Aca-oh crap.
Although this movie is a comedy, it manages to further develop well known characters from the previous film, and this is because of it’s use of various sub-plots.  Also, in addition to the already iconic and eclectic group, Hailee Steinfeld, enters the story as Emily, an overly excited, but all around lovable freshman who just wants to be a Bella.
Even though there was a lot of pressure put on this sequel to be as good as the first, the filmmakers still took risks by doing things in a bizarre and creative way. One good example was the inclusion of the riff-off between Das Sound Machine, The Bellas, The Treblemakers, and surprisingly The Green Bay Packers. If that’s not enough, the event was a hosted by a bald rich man in his basement who wore silk pajamas, a tiara, and rode around on a razor scooter. Somehow it worked, and it had me laughing long after the credits rolled.
Admittedly, the performances aren’t impressive as before, and it feels like there might be one too many medley’s throughout the movie.  However, it does provide great comedy and well executed delivery of lines that will have grown men cackling in their seats.  I swear there was a group of them sitting right behind me.

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