Is The Path Your Next Show to Binge?

Are you on the hunt for a mysterious TV series with the right amount of drama and a dash of spookiness? Then The Path is definitely your next show to binge!

The Path, created by Jessica Goldberg, is a series packed with drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The show focuses on Eddie Lane (Aaron Paul) and his experience in the shaman-esque cult, Meyerism. Eddie returns from a spiritual retreat in Peru causing him to have doubts about his faith which he has to keep secret from his Meyerist family and community. Meanwhile, his best friend Cal Roberts (Hugh Dancy) is trying to expand the cult following by going against the recently deceased founder, Stephen Meyer’s, instructions. As the episodes go on the conflict between characters becomes more intense, revealing secret after secret, that will keep you constantly surprised.   

Goldberg keeps you wondering whether or not Meyerism is a scam; are members having meaningless hallucinations caused by drug use, or are people having legitimate spiritual epiphanies? She also has created an unclear moral standing explored through Eddie Lane’s internal struggles and doubts. Throughout the series you question if the Meyerist cult is just a small strange group of people who believe in doing good deeds to aid those in need, or if it’s only meant to exploit others for power. You’ll never want to stop watching The Path until these mysteries are solved.

The Path has just finished its third and final season on Hulu, so there’s plenty of episodes to binge if you haven’t started already. It’s a great show to satisfy your need for drama, and its mysterious nature makes it fun to create conspiracy theories with your friends and fellow watchers.

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Is The Path Your Next Show to Binge?: Featured Image Credit: Hulu.

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