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There are loads of movies coming out this month, ranging anywhere from romantic flicks to comedys. I have never been so impatient waiting for movies to release but I cannot help anymore. There are so many really good movies to choose from. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not spend the day watching a movie or two? It doesn’t matter who you’re spending the day with, your partner, your friends, your family or just hanging on your own, watching a movie is always a good time. So, I have come up with a list of the top five heart warming movies you should see on Valentine’s Day. BY JASMINE MOUSTAFA


Endless Love

This is the ultimate love story. It is the story of a fortunate girl named Jade and a charming boy named David who instantly fall for one another.But due to a huge gap in their social classes, Jade’s parents don’t want her anywhere near David. However, this just increases their desire for one another.


About Last Night

Who doesn’t like a movie with Kevin heart in it? And to top it off it’s a romantic comedy. Bernie takes Danny under his wing and shows him the ropes on dating. Eventually Danny ends up with Bernie’s girlfriend’s roommate and we follow them through their crazy journey.


After The Dark

For those of you not into sappy love stories you definitely have to check out After The Dark. It’s about a philosophy teacher who wants to do one final experiment with his students. With an apocalypse on the way, the students must determine which of them will take shelter underground and give life to the next human race. When the experiment turns deadly, they must all fight to survive.


Date and Switch

This is the ultimate guy movie. It is a comedy about two best friends that make a bet to lose their virginity before prom, but there is a surprising twist. One of the guys, Matty, comes out of the closet and his straight best friend wants to experience this journey with him.


The Awkward Moment

After one of their friends goes through a horrible break up, three guys make a promise  to remain single as long as possible. This promise doesn’t last that long, of course, because each of them falls in love with a girl and we follow them on their journey as they figure out why relationships are so complicated nowadays. Did I mention Zac Efron has a major role in the movie?

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