Dancing movies need a break

boty_twitter_skin_v2I don’t dance…at all.

I am a bad dancer, but that’s why I enjoy watching people who know what they are doing dance on screen. From Footloose, to Dirty Dancing, to Step Up, I genuinely enjoy watching the talented dancers in the cast do some amazingly difficult choreography; however, I’ve gotten to the point where I think these movies need to take a break.

In the list of dancing movies, I feel like the majority of them are just awful movies. The plots are bad, and the acting isn’t the greatest— it hurts. I get that the dancing is marvelous, but I think the plots need to be great as well.

I’m tired of the same old stories— a group of underdogs trying to show their talents or a group trying to save their hangout. It’s monotonous. The dancing does not make the movie good. Most recently, Battle of the Year was released.The movie, starring Chris Brown (really), has a 5% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and is described as follows: “With a hopelessly hokey plot and unintentionally hilarious dialogue, Battle of the Year is flimsy even by the standards of the dance movie genre.”

There is also news that a Step Up 5 movie is in production and features quite a few characters from the previous Step Up films. I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m not sure what other stories these folks can tell, but I can’t lie about my happy emotions for the return of Moose. Adam Sevani is a talented dancer and actor, and he adds joy to my life.

In any case, I think these films should relax a bit and wait until they can pair great dancing with a great plot line. Without that, they will just keep getting worse and worse.
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