10 Tips To Impress Women At A Party

How To Impress Women At A Party

Around 94% of single men attend parties because they want to hook up with someone else.
Now, although the statistic above is completely made up, it’s probably true. Although there are all sorts of reasons why we might go to a party: to catch up with friends; check out the host’s digs, or just drink a lot on someone else’s dime, the REAL reason, the one we would probably never admit to anyone except ourselves, is to try and get some action from the opposite sex. Here’s ten solid pieces of advice to make sure the next time you go to a party, you don’t go home alone…
Be Confident
The ladies like a bit of self-confidence in a man – it shows poise and maturity. But don’t come off as arrogant, and definitely don’t load up on alcohol if you can’t handle it. Confidence is also about your body language, so look her in the eye, don’t be afraid to touch her arm or thigh when making a point – tactile is good (in moderation). Be a gentleman, open doors for her, and don’t try to rush her into giving you her digits, or offering her yours.
Dress to impress
But keep it appropriate. A dinner jacket to a sophisticated function looks like you made an effort, something a little more casual to a BBQ or outside event in the summer really works. If it’s a party with a fancy dress theme, dressing up in a costume from Morphsuits always seems to go down well – it shows you have a sense of humour and fun.
Read something
Girls like it if you can hold a civilised conversation, at least for a few minutes. And it helps if it’s on a subject they can relate to, so read some books aimed at women to try and get a handle on it. Aim for high-brow but if you really can’t be bothered with that, a working knowledge of 50 Shades of Grey or the Hunger Games should see you through.
Bring good jokes
What’s acceptable in the company of other guys isn’t always acceptable when you’re in the company of a lady, especially when it comes to humor, so be careful you don’t slip into any ill-judged areas of conversation. Be wary if you have friends at the same party who might want you to join in something which is only funny to your own social circle.
And good company
Speaking of your friends, if you’re all going to the same party then you should establish clear ground rules before arrival on how to behave if one of you gets lucky. You need wingmen, not blockers. If in doubt, watch the movie Swingers for how to act.
Play nice
It always, always, pays to drop in a few compliments when you’re looking to make a good impression, but don’t shower her with them. Small, sincere compliments such as: “That dress really makes your eyes shine”, at regular intervals are much more effective than ludicrous, over-the-top statements that will make her think you’re trying too hard.
Smell nice too
Experts in the art of seduction swear there’s nothing more important than the way you smell. Natural body odours can work in your favour, but not if you’ve spent the whole day chopping logs. So before you put on your party gear, take a shower, shave, and put on deodorant or some cologne, and nothing too overpowering.
Don’t look desperate
Girls are usually attracted to men who look as though they’re having a good time, not those who seem to be on the hunt for one thing only. Enjoy yourself at the party and forget about hooking up, and you’ll be surprised at what might happen.
Skip the detail
It’s best to avoid mentioning all your past dating horror stories or suggesting she share yours, at least until you’re in a stable relationship. Similarly, telling her all about how you never get to see your kids from your previous relationship, or listing the reasons why people have broken up with you – these are all what’s known in the dating game as Red Flags.
Finally, be nice to her friends! Especially if they’re hosting the party!

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