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After waiting in line outside of The London Studios for 30 minutes, a man finally came around, took our tickets and wrapped a pink bracelet around our wrists. Ten minutes later, he called for the pink bracelets to follow him, so we hopped out of line and formed a line behind him. Within minutes, we were winding through the studio hallways, and then BAM! The set I am so familiar with on screen, was right before my very eyes. This was it. We were in the home of Chatty Man.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alan Carr: Chatty Man, it is a British comedy chat show hosted by the ever brilliantly flamboyant Alan Carr.

I have been a fan of the show ever since I saw a gif of his dance-off with One Direction and watched the interview. One of my goals when I went to London was to score tickets to a taping, and that goal was crossed off of my bucket list on Wednesday May 1st.

Before Alan Carr even entered the studios, we were entertained by one of the staff members who chose four guys from the audience and made them have a dance competition. Their nicknames were “Zac Efron” (who was very attractive and adorably shy), “Big Man” (who had really muscular arms), a guy whose nickname seems to have slipped my mind, and “That Guy” (literally just that guy).

After they entertained us for a bit, Alan walked down the stairs and the show began.

The guests of the night were Sir Bruce Forsyth, Steve Coogan, Jo Brand and Seann Walsh, and Little Mix.

Sir Bruce Forsyth holds the Guinness Book of World Records title of having the longest career as a male TV entertainer. He was hilariously adorable, picking fun at Alan throughout his interview. I would like him to be my grandfather.

Steve Coogan is a well-known English actor and comedian who talked about his upcoming film Alan Partridge is in Alpha Papa.

Jo Brand and Sean Walsh are comedians who talked about their upcoming gig as hosts of the Channel 4 Comedy Gala. Before the interview even started, Walsh had us laughing with a bit of a slip on the stairs.

The five girls of Little Mix added to the show with a little Q&A and then a pyro, confetti-filled performance of “How ya Doin’?”. They are brilliantly beautiful and talented performers. I was glad to say it was my second time watching them perform.

Having the experience of watching a live TV taping is such a different experience, because you are a part of the show behind the cameras (with a few shots that just might make it on TV). I recommend everyone try to see a live taping once in their life.

And if you want to see this Chatty Man show? It aired on May 4th, but clips can be found online on Britain’s Channel 4 website.
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