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Barack Obama Becomes Video Game Character In Shaq Fu: Legend Reborn DLC

Being such a pivotal individual in American history, it’s no surprise to hear that Barack Obama is still making headlines. He’s not returning to politics or anything like that but a new spotlight has shone on the former President as he gets into the video game business. A parodied version of Obama will make his debut in the Shaq Fu: Legend Reborn bonus content as Dirty Barry.

To clarify, the nickname of “Dirty Barry” isn’t a slight at Obama’s political stance but rather a riff on “Dirty Harry“. Originally played by Clint Eastwood in the 1971 film, Obama will keep the namesake alive by doling out similar ass-kickings in Barack Fu: The Adventures Of Dirty Barry.

The premise of the bonus game is a bit odd but it’s clever nonetheless. Dirty Barry (Obama) is a playable character who hunts down a celebrity murderer that’s gone on a killing spree for far too long. The police turn to Dirty Barry who has to fly around the world—and into space—to find the murderer. But Barry won’t just have one serial murderer to contend with, he’ll also have to fight his way through waves of politicians, clones, and other henchmen. Luckily, Dirty Barry has drone strikes and military gear to put them in their place.

What’s unclear about the game is Obama’s involvement with the project. The 44th President obviously gave Big Deez Productions the necessary consent to use his likeness in the game and promotional material but has he officially endorsed the title that has his name plastered all over it? Whether he has or hasn’t, this depiction of Obama is going to elicit a reaction from liberals and conservatives alike.

Political views aside, Barack Fu: Adventures Of Dirty Barry is setting a precedent for other political figures to become involved with video games, too. If the additional gameplay turns out to be a profitable endeavor, perhaps the current United States President might get into the video game business. Donald Trump has the bravado and the kind of swagger attributed to video game characters so why not make him one? Not only that, he’d absolutely love being immortalized in a video game. It’s the ideal way to ensure his legacy continues even past his time in office. Of course, Trump would ensure the game depicts him in a positive light so that would boil down to Trump knocking illegal immigrants off the border wall, and that might be a bit too controversial for a game. Then again, nothing is faux pas for the current President so a politically driven video game isn’t all that preposterous to consider.

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