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Rudi Gutierrez: Heartbreak and Music

Rudi Gutierrez: Heartbreak and Music

Cliché: How has your time on The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart changed or altered your career trajectory?

Rudi: I think the main thing is that it has given me a platform to share my work with people. It’s really hard out here in the industry so it was just awesome to be able to gain the following that I did and have a little family behind me that supports me.

Cliché: What has fan reaction been like?

Rudi: I think it’s been honestly amazing they support me for me and you know it’s kind of hard because I came off the show and a lot of them wanted me to be with Matt but for the most part the people that are still behind me say they support me for what I do and who I am. Their support has been nothing but amazing honestly so I am very, very grateful.

Cliché: What did you learn about yourself both personally and professionally during the show?

Rudi: Yeah I definitely learned a few things personally, just taking things one day at a time I kinda have how my mom always told me to take on e day at a time but I know that I never really had to use that until I was filming on the show so I just need to kinda slow down and just take everything as it comes and I learned how to put that in my real normal day to day life which has been very helpful. I guess musically I definitely learned that I am capable of a lot more than I thought just cause some things that we had to do on there I didn’t think I’d be able to pull of and we both, me and Matt, did. 

Cliché: Talk about your latest single, “Stupid Boy.”

Rudi: I think “Stupid Boy” is just a song that I want people to be able to listen to when they’re going through a breakup and feel like it’s ok and feel stronger after they listen to it. It’s just a good kind of “screw you” breakup song and it’s fun to just listen to if you’re trying to just get over someone. It helped me get over some stuff while I was writing it and that’s just what I want people to get over while they’re listening to it 

Cliché: Toxic relationships are notoriously hard to break out of. How do you recognize when someone isn’t treating you properly?

Rudi: I think it’s just- at least for me, you just kinda know, just if you’re not happy if the person is just disrespecting you or not appreciating you or- well my problem is I know I just kind of ignore it, and I try and ignore the signs that are right in front of my face and there can be like 20 million red flags and I’m just like “oh it’s fine just give him another chance” so I’m learning to just cut that out, like maybe you can give them one chance but after that if they’re still messing up and you’re still not happy and you still feel a certain way about something and you’re not, you know, at ease with the relationship then that should be enough to be like, you know what this isn’t for me, move on. And like I said, I’m learning how to do that cause usually I just feel that way and then I just let them treat me that way. I think just realizing if you ever have that feeling that acting on it as soon as you feel that way and talking about it and if nothing changes, move on. 

Cliché: Do you have any advice for those who are struggling to get out of toxic relationships?

Rudi: I think the biggest thing is just to listen to your gut. That kind of goes along with what I just said, I feel like you know, and so many times I’ve known and I don’t listen to my gut I just kind of ignore it, and then I end up in the same shitty situation. So I think that’s my best advice is just listen to your heart, listen to you gut.

Cliché: Your other recent single is “Hate LA.”  In your experience, what has helped you to get over someone, especially when they’re tied to so many memories in a specific place?

Rudi: I guess its cliché but it’s time. Time is kind of the only thing that has helped me get over. Especially if you’re in a really serious relationship, like that guy that I was with was a really serious thing so you know even to this day somehow I will go to a place that we went to and think about him but it doesn’t hurt as bad so I think time is the only thing that has really helped me and just letting yourself go through that I think is the biggest thing, not ignoring it. I used to try and do that also, I would be hurt and then just pretend like I wasn’t and in my last relationship I made it a point to be like, “ok you’re hurting, hurt. Its ok to see these places and feel bad or cry and let yourself go through that point of feeling upset about things”, and eventually you’ll slowly start to get over it.

Cliché: How do you hope to continue to empower yourself and others through music moving forward?

Rudi: I think just continuing to just be authentic and share my stories with people and my favorite thing about what I do, or one of my favorite things is when I get messages from people that are like, “oh my gosh these songs helped me get through blah blah blah or this or this or this” and I think the way I’m going to continue to do that is just by being real and authentic and hopefully it helps someone out. 

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