Inside Cardi B and Fashion Nova Cares’ Campaign to Give Away $1 Million for Coronavirus Relief

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For many celebrities who are quarantining during the coronavirus outbreak, giving away money to those less fortunate is simply not on their radar. And if it is, it’s often the case where the celebrity donates money to a charity and never checks to see if it’s going to the right place.

However, one entertainer and high fashion company have joined forces to give relief to the people who need it most, right now.

The new program is run by Fashion Nova, and the face of this charity is none other than Cardi B. Just a few days ago, the rapper, style queen and popular entertainer announced she was working with Fashion Nova to deliver $1,000 each hour for people hit hardest by COVID-19 – up to $1,000,000 total.

Whether the people who need the money are  facing the sudden loss of a job, illness, death of a loved one or just having trouble keeping their cupboards from being bare, Cardi B, and Fashion Nova, arguably the hottest fashion label right now, are getting things done.

Everything started with the rapper and fashion company deciding that getting people checks that they wouldn’t have to wait for was necessary. At the moment, there are millions of people who have applied for unemployment benefits or stimulus checks, but haven’t received them yet because the government is overwhelmed by so many requests.

And many of Fashion Nova’s customers could really use the help. The label, which began working with Cardi B a few years ago, has long set the standard of high fashion at a reasonable cost. Unlike many fashion houses, Fashion Nova has built a rock-solid customer base that took off via word of mouth on social media.

The label itself uses its popular website to show off a broad range of items, from lingerie to loungewear, shoes to shorts. Much of this fashion is featured — and sold — on Instagram, where happy buyers are more than thrilled to model Fashion Nova’s goods.

With sexy and sophisticated clothing for all types of bodies, Fashion Nova offers sleek, stylish clothing that celebrates curves and enhances the female form. Dresses and jeans hug the body, while vintage items hark back to a glamorous past. The label has long shown that quality fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, and the customers love the company for it.

But when the coronavirus hit hard, and millions lost their jobs and started wondering how they could pay rent or buy food, executives at the label, and their popular, iconic partner, Cardi B, decided they had to do more than just sell to the audience.

The relationship between Cardi B and Fashion Nova has been wildly successful. Cardi B has launched at least two fashion collections, and they have been huge hits with customers. A recent collection by the rapper brought in $1 million just in the first day, with the fashion label having to stockpile orders way over the usual amount because demand was so high.

And the down-to-earth relationship between Cardi B and fans, as well as the relationship between Cardi B and the fashion label, is nothing new. Cardi B has been heavily involved in a variety of causes and programs, and sometimes even serves as a powerful communicator from Bernie Sanders to his younger audience.

But that doesn’t mean the rap icon pulls punches. In one recent video, which took place after Cardi B connected with Sanders in person and discussed the future of America, the entertainer scolded the younger people in her audience because although they expressed enthusiasm for Bernie, they didn’t turn out in high numbers and thus, the senator ended up dropping out of the race and essentially handing the nomination to Vice President Joe Biden.

After telling her younger fans she was disappointed in them, she enthusiastically tried to fire them up about voting out President Donald Trump and voting Biden in.

With the coronavirus-focused Fashion Nova CARES giveaway, Cardi B plans to personally vet potential winners to make certain that they’re the right people to receive a $1,000 check. The talented rap artist was clear that she herself would be helping decide who gets a check each hour, which resulted in a long flow of comments from Instagram users explaining how they were hurting, and why Fashion Nova and Cardi B should send them a check.

Until the team sends checks that add up to $1 million, expect Cardi B and the Fashion Nova team to continue delivering $1,000 to a big group of people who are trying to make it through this unusual time. Cardi B is an enthusiastic host for this popular event, so expect her to come out of this with a large group of grateful fans.

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