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There are more than plenty of things to be excited and grateful about with the holiday cheer in the air. Store sales, peppermint and gingerbread everything, and Christmas tunes are just a handful of what the Cliché family has been looking forward to. What’s at the top of all of our holiday agendas though, besides watching Home Alone more than five times, are gifts for both you and your loved ones. We’re grabbing our peppermint white mochas and prepping our Christmas lists for some heavy shopping, shopping that should have been done yesterday! Have you seen those lines? Luckily, Cliché is always here to keep you five steps ahead—thank goodness for the internet!

So, what’s more fabulous than the glitz and glam of the holiday season? Keeping your nails just as fabulous—duh! These winter and holiday nail collections from our favorite brands have made their debuts, and we’re more than happy to put a spotlight on them. They’re the perfect go-to gift for your BFF or sister and can easily be one of your best stocking stuffers. You can also keep some of your favorites for yourself. Shhh—we won’t tell. Sorry, Santa!
Gwen Cinnamon Sweet Gwen Comet in the Sky Gwen I'll Tinsel You
(O.P.I Cinnamon Sweet, Comet in the Sky and I’ll Tinsle You In, 

O.P.I Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection
NBC’s The Voice’s phenomenal judge, Gwen Stefani, has stretched her creativity and talent into yet another outlet—this time in the form of a stunning holiday nail collection by O.P.I. Gwen’s personal style over the years has made her into a fashion icon that many of us strive to emulate in our looks. This holiday season, you can deliver on whichever one of her looks you love to the T with any of the nineteen polishes in her collection. From shades of classic red to out-of-the-box detailed polishes that you can finish off your manicures with, there are hundreds of style combinations you can create just like Gwen does with her iconic looks.

Zoya Willa Zoya Thea

(Zoya Willa $9 and Zoya Thea $10,

Zoya Wishes Holiday 2014 Collection
Zoya has certainly answered our wishes with their Wishes Holiday 2014 collection. Sparkles? Check. Shimmer? Check. Two elements that always make the best holiday polishes, polishes that we’ll be constantly repainting our nails with. Their holiday collection also gets kudos from us for having a black satin shade, which is a color some may not usually associate with holiday cheer. But we’re all about black, all the time. It’s a color you can never go wrong with! Black will always be the new black.

Double Breasted Jacket Bump Up the Pumps Jump in my Jumpsuit Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo

(Essie Winter Collection Polishes $8.50 each,

Essie Winter 2014
Essie’s Winter 2014 collection is one of my personal favorites. These polishes just make you want to smile and spread that holiday cheer in the right way. With soft and bright shades of pink and red, a touch of ivory, and a metallic color for some shine, this collection has it all for the holidays. It makes us want to paint our nails with each of the polishes at the same time. Why not? We’re sure it’ll still look adorable! Just try it out first. Haha.

Effects Rock at the Top Effects A Stroke of Brilliance Effects A Set in Stones Effects A Cut Above

(Essie Luxe Effects Polishes $8.50 each,

Essie Luxe Effects
End your manicures with this shimmery touch by Essie Luxe Effects. The polishes remind us of the gorgeous ornaments adorned on Christmas trees that we can’t stop staring at. Give your nails some dazzle and sparkle. These “luxeffects” top coats do just as they say, adding that luxurious and glamorous look to any manicure you’re rocking.

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