What Drinking Wine Might Be Doing to Your Face, and How to Avoid It

Since the era of Methuselah, it has always been said that a person is a reflection of what they eat. But unfortunately, they may have forgotten to tell you that you are also a sum of what you drink. You may eat all the healthy foods in the world, but if you wash them down with the wrong drink, the effects will have been nullified. It is what happens in the case of wine. With a high intake of wine, your face will be affected adversely. It is because wine has components that cause dryness and dehydration among other repercussions. Now, wine may be good for the stomach, but it is not good for your skin, at least not when it is imbibed on too frequently. True, it can improve your skin if you use it in your facial masks, but when you drink it, the effects are all wrong: it will give you a wine face. Here’s what drinking wine might be doing to your face, and how to avoid it.
First, let’s unravel this enigma of ‘wine face.’
It is a facial appearance that is marked by redness on the cheeks, sagging eyelids, reddened cheeks a dry skin, and lines between the eyes. If you have a wine face, you will have a red, flaky, and wrinkled face. Isn’t it just what you are looking for? Let us find out why wine will have these adverse effects on your skin.
1. It has dehydrating effects
Just like any other type of alcohol, the wine will dehydrate your body. When this happens, your body will react by withholding fluids. This water retention is a way of ensuring that your body has the water it needs for it to function despite the draining effects of the alcohol. This water will be retained in your eyes thus giving you those puffy and swollen eyes. With just a drink of wine, you will leave with eyes that make you look all sickly tired and aged. It is why you should take just a little wine a day and instead drinks lots of water to avert any water retention.
2. It dries out your skin
Due to its dehydrating effects of wine, it leaves your skin dry, thus making it easy for wrinkles to appear. Now, the last thing you want is always to be hooked to wrinkle creams. Granted, they may eliminate these wine-inflicted wrinkles, but wouldn’t it be better if you just prevented them from happening in the first place? What is that they say about prevention? Oh yeah, it is much better than any cure. However, if you find yourself with wrinkles, due to some unknown reasons, you can always find solace in the best wrinkle creams available. These products will help you clear out those annoying lines on your face in a jiffy.
3. It causes blood vessels to dilate
According to research, a high intake of alcohol can cause an increase in your blood pressure. Now, your body is wired in such a way that it can be able to moderate blood pressure either through vasoconstriction when the pressure is low or vasodilation when the pressure sky rockets. Therefore, when wine increases your blood pressure, your body will automatically react through the dilation of the capillaries. Dilation happens when your blood vessels expand to increase the flow of blood to your organs. When this happens, blood flow is increased on the surface of your skin hence causing a flush of redness. This redness will persist for all long as there is any alcoholic content in your blood.
Redness can also be caused by a condition known as alcohol flush reaction. It happens when your body is unable to break fully down the alcohol. It is this malfunction that will cause the accumulation of the component of wine that causes swelling, flushing and general skin irritation.
We all want flawless faces — faces free of wrinkles and any form of discoloration. However, this venture can be sabotaged by your drinking of wine. It is because wine has components that can dehydrate your skin, cause dilation of the capillaries and wrinkling. It is these effects that will culminate in drooled eyelids; a dry face that is overly flushed and wrinkling that define a wine face. This way, your face will have become a reflection of what you have taken: wine.


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