Valentine’s Gifts for your Skin

Flowers, chocolates and love letters take up space in every store window during February. It’s a time focused on gifting others which we are all for, but there isn’t anything wrong with gifting yourself too. Self-love is a #1 must in our book so why not show yourself some on the official day of love? Treat yourself to an at-home spa with these Valentine’s gifts for your skin. Focused on rehydration, relaxation and feel good vibes we’re sure they will be the next beauty goods that steal your heart!


Run a bath

Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath, $5.99,

Take a break from the bath bombs and opt for Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath. Pink Himalayan salt helps reduce any muscle aches and revitalizes tired skin for a bubble bath that is a win-win. Mixed with bergamot and sweet orange essential oils, it also smells like a dream.


Do a mask

Honey Belle DIY Detox Mask in Matcha Mint, $22,

Just like honey, avocado and charcoal, this super ingredient continues to grow in popularity and has found its way into a mask form—matcha powder. With antioxidants that fight the signs of aging, get rid of toxins, promote youth and are sensitive for all types of skin, you’ll want to use this every day of the week. All that is needed is your liquid of choice to mix with it. Think rose water, tea tree water, honey, etc. to create a DIY detox mask that’s like no other.


Hydrate your skin

Dermalogica Barrier Defense Booster $75 and Calm Water Gel, $48,

During this frigid weather we know that your skin needs hydration the most. Enter these two intensely moisturizing products by Dermalogica that leave any skin feeling baby soft in minutes.The Barrier Defense Booster has an oil base formulated to restore skin and relieve dryness for up to 24 hours. The Calm Water Gel can be applied after, being a gel-water moisturizer that instantly soothes and refreshes your skin like magic.


Freshen up

Jurlique Rose Shower Gel $24 and Body Lotion $39,

This rose scented duo is my personal favorite because they smell absolutely incredible and moisturize my skin wonderfully! The shower gel is mild + free from chemicals and doesn’t leave skin dry or dull after use. Instead it helps your skin retain moisture with its pure organic botanicals from South Australia. Matched with the body lotion, once you step out of the shower you’ll be left having a luxe experience that smells oh so sweet.


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