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Under 25: Young Celebrities Who Have Undergone Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic surgery seems like something you would do when you’re over 50 and unwilling to let mother nature take its course. But, many celebrities have had surgery before the “ripe old age” of 25 – yes 25.
Miranda Kerr
She looks all-natural, but the breakup with Orlando Bloom is suspected to have kicked off a plastic surgery party, starting with breast implants. According to, these are very popular among young women.
Of course, it’s something that she and her close friends have denied.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox is only 28, but there have been rumors for years that she has a close and personal relationship with plastic surgery – specifically botox. it’s also believed that she’s had a nose job, some breast implants, lip fillers, and some liposuction.
Kim Kardashian. The name alone has become synonymous with plastic surgery in some circles. She hasn’t been shy at all about getting work done. Her love of botox and weird beauty procedures makes this reality T.V. stand out in a crowd. Oddly enough, she hasn’t directly admitted to any specific procedures.
But, it’s rumored that she’s done a lot of subtle procedures like nose jobs, butt implants, breast implants and facial fillers.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has been unusually honest about plastic surgery – unusual because many celebs remain silent or flat-out deny it. But She’s told Shape magazine that she waited 10 years before deciding to get breast implants.
Heidi Montag
She’s a very different woman from the Heidi Montag we all came to know and love on The Hills. She’s had a lot done, including breast enlargement, a butt job, some fat injection into her cheeks, several facial procedures like a nose job, chin reduction, and ear pinning (yes, that’s a thing), and liposuction in several trouble spots.
Ashley Simpson
There’s something very different about Ashley Simpson. If you look at her younger pictures, it pops right out at you: her nose. Of course, like most celebs, she’s not admitting anything.

Blake Lively
The Gossip Girl actress has become the target of a little gossip herself. Namely, that she’s gone under the knife for a new nose and work on her eyelids.
Kira Knightly
Why would you touch such a gorgeous face? Why, to make it even more beautiful, of course. It might not look like it at first, but she’s had rhinoplasty done to make herself even more stunning.
Stephanie Pratt
She’s never admitted to anything, but this Hills Star may have had a nose job, lip fillers, and a chin implant.

Renee Zellweger
Renee Zellweger doesn’t seem like a likely candidate for plastic surgery, but it’s believed that she had some botox work done and a chin implant.
Kylie Minogue
The Australian goddess has admitted to having used botox, but she claims she’ll never have serious plastic surgery. We’ll wait with bated breath.
Brittney Spears
Are we really surprised?
Spears has admitted to frequent visits to a plastic surgeon to maintain her youthful appearance. It’s a selling point, so she’s got to keep it up. Specifically, the songstress has admitted to having done lip injections.
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