The Daring Hair Color Trend

We’re bringing electrifying colors and whimsical color combinations to you with a whole new element: your hair! Lately, locks have been showcasing much more intense, pigmented, and fearless shades in the color wheel that we at Cliché are totally in love with. Some of our favorite colored-hair muses include model Irene Kim, who is notorious for sporting rainbow-colored hair in the most effortless and cool way; the ever-eclectic Nicole Richie, who has made her blue-green hair color combo something we totally want to try at least once; actress and Dancing with the Stars judge Julianne Hough, whose pastel pink lob reminded us of the sweetest candy store out there; and singer Katy Perry, who makes us all want to become a purple-haired pop princess just like her.

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When it comes to taking on the color trend, there really are no rules or limits, as you can see! It’s all about what color or colors you gravitate to. The main instruction to having any luxurious hair shade like this, though, is to keep it healthy in order to maintain the vibrancy that goes with it. Go-to products that I have faithfully used to keep my colored hair looking shiny and feeling refreshed are Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie Color Care Shampoo, Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner, and Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. Each product helps revitalize and make my hair look fresher each time I use it. Keep in mind: you don’t have to use these shampoos and conditioners for colored hair each time you wash your hair, but at least once a week; this goes for the hair mask as well, which should only be used once a week. With the help of amazing products like these, you’ll be all set with touch-ups from your hair stylist when needed.
Garnier Color Styler

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For the gals out there that aren’t ready to commit 100% to a colorful hair-do, opt for Garnier Color Styler. This easy-to-apply hair product allows you to have the intense color you dream of without having to worry about the commitment. All you have to do is apply, let it dry, and brush through it to help it set into your locks. Show off in color from purple to pink, just like our favorite muses! You can even change it up after 2-3 washes for a different, bold color.
What do you think of this daring hair color trend? Are you willing to join the heads of colorful gals, and even guys, out there? I know I am! Check out the hair colors we are loving and what colors I’ll be experimenting with via our Twitter @ClicheMagBeauty!

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The Daring Hair Color Trend “Hues of the Rainbow” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2015 issue. Featured image courtesy of IreneIsGood on Tumblr

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