The Best of Everyday Beauty from London Fashion Week

Express Yourself with Eyeliner

The heavy black eyeliner of Madonna took over the ‘80s era, and now makeup artists have reinterpreted the heavy makeup for some pretty cool effects. No matter what eye color or shape you have, black eyeliner is standard and very versatile. It’s no surprise that smudged black eyeliner dominated the runway as makeup artists took their own approach to making eye-catching looks. For example, makeup trendsetter Tom Pecheux worked his magic for designers like Balmain, Altuzarra, and Rag & Bone. For Balmain models, he concentrated on smudging the eyeshadow out into a wing to give a dramatic effect, while for Rag & Bone, he lined the eyes with black and then smudged underneath and above the eyes for a simple, but smoky appearance. For Altuzarra, he beautifully paired highlighted golden skin with heavily smudged black eyes for a sultry summer glow. Phillip Lim’s Francelle Daly took an entirely different approach with the black liner and drew thick lines on only the middle of the lid and waterline, leaving the outer and inner corners blank.

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Best of Everyday Beauty from London Fashion Week. Image courtesy of REX.

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