Special Things Beauty Brands Are Doing For Earth Day

Even though we should be taking care of our planet every day, Earth Day is where many people are dedicating their day to taking care of our home planet, like recycling, properly throwing out trash, keeping bodies of water clean, and other helpful acts that will keep the environment looking spick and span. Some of our favorite beauty brands are also becoming involved with Earth Day and keeping our planet green. These days, many beauty companies are creating products with ingredients straight from the environment all while avoiding harsh chemicals to keep our skin looking and feeling nourished. Some even have programs that include collecting a certain amount of empty packaging containers to recycle, rewarding you with a free beauty product in return. Click through to learn more about the special things beauty brands are doing for Earth Day.


Alima Pure

Satin Matte Foundations are $28 at Alima Pure

Alima Pure
One among many beauty companies helping our surroundings is Alima Pure. This cosmetics brand aims for minimal ingredients while giving maximum impact in their products. Designed for modern women with immense confidence, Alima Pure only produces makeup from the purest natural ingredients. Refraining from any inorganic and harsh ingredients, your skin will look its best. They believe that makeup is an empowering tool for self-expression. Alima Pure provides a diverse range of foundation shades and stunning colors to perfectly match your skin. The beauty brand is mostly famous for their Satin Matte Foundation, which is available in 45 shades and makes finding your shade simple. Alima Pure is also super affordable for the price of their products ranging from $14 – $46.

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