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Among the never-ending amount of videos that appear on YouTube on a daily basis, the question that always seems to linger is “Who is the next big thing?” Well, as a YouTube connoisseur whose guilty pleasure is none other than binge-watching YouTube beauty guru channels, it’s my pleasure to share with you three YouTube beauty gurus who are gaining views by the thousands. Ever since I started my YouTube obsession in 2009 (I know—talk about ages ago), I have been a dedicated viewer who is constantly on the lookout for new channels. Now in 2016, there seems to be a new age of YouTube beauty gurus who are more different from the next. They’re creative, authentic, and vivaciously unregrettable women who capture the hearts of their growing subscribers with each video they upload. So, pop open a new window on your browser and get ready to watch each inspiring gal that we just can’t stop watching.

©Jamie Paige/@jamiepaigebeauty on Instagram

©Jamie Paige/@jamiepaigebeauty on Instagram

Jamie Paige Beauty
Hailing from Canada, Jamie Paige joined YouTube in 2013 and uploaded her first video about two years ago. Ever since her debut, her channel “JamiePaigeBeauty” has been enhanced with Jamie’s ever-growing video editing skills, eye for detail, and niche for educating everyone who comes across her videos (including me!) with her beauty knowledge. Whether she’s testing out new products that every beauty babe is going gaga over, like in her “ABH Modern Renaissance Eye Tutorial,” or highlighting one beauty brand and sharing the best beauty products, Jamie’s videos are just as innovative and original as they are educational. Call her one of the best beauty teachers in the YouTube world!
©Mariya Lyubashevskaya/ on Instagram

©Mariya Lyubashevskaya/ on Instagram

Mariya Makeup
Mariya Lyubashevskaya is an incredibly talented 18-year-old who is originally from Russia and is currently residing in Dubai. The saying “age is just a number” represents this babe beautifully, as she turned into an Internet sensation practically overnight. Mariya created her channel “Mariya.AE” in 2015 but has began uploading eye-catching videos over the past couple of months. Her most eye-catching one as of yet is one that you’ll most definitely need sunglasses for. Meet the mastermind behind the “gloing” trend, which is a full face of highlighters. Yes, you heard that right. Her video “Full Face Using Only Highlighters” was uploaded this past May and grabbed people’s attention from all over the world. Having been featured by BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, and even recreated by Jeffree Star himself, we’ve added Mariya to our must-watch list knowing full well that she’ll create another worldwide trend before we know it.
©Nikkie de Jager/@NikkieTutorials on Instagram

©Nikkie de Jager/@NikkieTutorials on Instagram

Get ready to “snatch your nose” and make any SnapChat filter a reality with the gorgeous Nikkie, who has become the #1 YouTube beauty guru located in the Netherlands. If Nikkie’s queen status won’t draw you in, it’ll be her over-the-top personality that’ll have you binge-watching her channel like there’s no tomorrow. Nikkie’s years of experience in the beauty world have turned her into a woman who makes the impossible possible. From working very closely with Pascale Tesser to becoming a freelance hair and makeup artist, there’s no stopping Nikkie’s dreams of becoming well-known for a certain makeup style come true—especially with videos like “Beyonce Inspired Lemonade Makeup Tutorial” and “Pride Tribute Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial.” She’s a force to be reckoned with, but one that you can call your best beauty friend.

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“YouTube Beauty Gurus #OTM” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2016 issue. Featured image courtesy of ©Jamie Paige/@jamiepaigebeauty on Instagram

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