Top Hair Trends for Spring 2017

A shift in seasons is the ideal time to switch up your look—especially when it comes to your hair. Whether it’s a small update (like trying out a middle part instead of your usual side part) or a more dramatic change (silver ombre color, anyone?), a new style is as refreshing as that first spring breeze. Take a peek at the top hair trends for the upcoming season and get inspired—then get to the salon.

Shades of Green
Chalk it up to the popularity of Pantone’s color of the year – green is officially one of the go-to hair hues for 2017. The secret to a wearable green is to make it look expensive, with shades like deep emeralds and metallics giving hair a luxe finish. If you’re bold enough to go completely green, definitely skip the at-home DIY route and head to your favorite colorist for a hue that’ll turn heads for all the right reasons.
Imperfect Curls
Curls never really go out of style—instead, they evolve to fit the current trends. More subtle and a little less glam than the bouncy, polished curls of past seasons, spring’s waves are all about embracing imperfection. The best way to achieve the look is to grab a thin flat iron that’s about one inch in width and get to work. Working in small sections, clamp hair in the flat iron and twist while pulling the iron down through the hair. Gently tug on the finished curl to stretch it and help loosen its shape. Repeat for each section of hair, alternating the direction that you’re wrapping for added variety and an undone look.
Eye-Framing Fringe
If you want to mix things up but aren’t quite ready to chop off inches or go from light to dark, long bangs make for a happy medium. Fringe that hits right at the eye is incredibly versatile, universally flattering, and works on any texture (even curls). If you’re not feeling the center fringe one day, just sweep your bangs to the side or pin them back—both of which are options when you have long bangs versus a shorter fringe.
Deep Side Part
A simple way to elevate your look, the deep side part works on all lengths and types of hair, whether you have a short bob or locks that reach the middle of your back. Even better, this spring trend is super easy to achieve—no team of hairstylists required. Simply use the end of a tail comb to part hair, making sure to align your part with the highest point of your eyebrow. Then, apply a dollop of shine serum and brush through to calm any flyaways. Finally, style and finish with a spritz of hairspray.
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