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Interview with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dugar

Inspiration for becoming a Plastic Surgeon and The Surgery Procedure

  1. . How long have you been a plastic surgeon?   

“I have been a surgeon for 11+ years now and have been exclusively performing Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty for the last 6+ years. “


  1. How long have you had your own Scarless MedSpa? What made you want to go out on your own?

“Scarless MedSpa came organically to take care of my non-surgical patients with the same natural scarless philosophy we use for noses.  There is a huge hype now for natural, subtle injectables such as wrinkle and filler injections.  We treat a lot of A+ celebrity clientele who want to keep their aesthetic very natural and without any tell-tale signs of anything being done.  Their biggest fear is a big TMZ article one day questioning what they had done!  My goal is to keep them natural and refreshed without anyone knowing.” 

  1. Do you consider Beverly Hills to be the focal point for all things plastic surgery? Why or why not?

“Absolutely.  Beverly Hills is the mecca of plastic surgery, just like DC is for politics, and NYC is for finance and Silicon Valley is for tech.   There is no debate about this.  Different markets have different aesthetics, but I bring the Parisian natural finesse aesthetic to Beverly Hills and patients fly around the world for it.”  

  1. What inspired you to become a plastic surgeon & did you always know that’s what you wanted to do? 

“Mentorship was a huge part of why I do what I do today.  I think mentorship is so critical for anyone wanting to be great at anything.  Being great requires a blueprint to study and analyze what makes success and what brings the best results.  Studying mentors is how to become great.   I always knew I wanted to do something with beauty and with my hands, so this became the natural flow for me.”

Plastic Surgery Process

  1. Can you tell me about the first celebrity you performed plastic surgery for? Was it extra nerve wrecking since it was a celebrity?

“I can’t mention the name, but she came to me for a Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty, and we discussed doing it subtle, because she didn’t want anyone to know. She was in the middle of seasons for filming a popular TV show at the time and wanted to make sure no one knew what she did.  Her results were stunning and she was thrilled! After 1 day of her cast coming off, her fiancé proposed to her! Also, she ended up doing an impromptu photoshoot on the cover of People magazine, less than 2 weeks postop from her surgery! The beauty of what I do with my closed scarless technique for noses allows subtle changes without any tell-tale signs of surgery.  I’m nervous in a sense before every surgery, celebrity or not, because it’s a huge honor to have someone choose you to change something electively about their body.  “

  1. What is the most challenging procedure you have completed to date?

 “I’ve never met an easy Nose.  Anyone in plastic surgeon will agree – the nose is the hardest procedure on the body.  That’s the challenge I love.  But I am realistic and only take on realistic clients who are mentally fit but also anatomically suited for my Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty technique.”


  1. Can you describe how you would conduct a pre-surgery consultation?

“With honesty and empathy.  Consultation is the most privileged form of communication. The patient is expressing their deepest darkest insecurities and sometimes the painful stories behind them.  It’s important as surgeons to be empathetic and also to never direct one’s own perception of beauty on the patient.  I make it a point to point out all the most beautiful parts of the patient’s anatomy first.  Next, I listen to the patient’s concerns and then discuss the risk-benefit ratio. And to that end, also deciding what the best procedure is for them – whether its traditional reconstructive open rhinoplasty vs Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty.  Honesty is important. “

At Home Beauty Tips From a Plastic Surgeon 

  1. What is your best beauty tip to keep skin young looking young?

“Sunscreen!!  Sunscreen is the easiest thing to do and yet so many people ignore it, until it’s too late. Wear your SPF!!!”

  1. What age do you recommend to start getting Botox for preventative reasons?

“There is no “age.”  Some 40-year-olds don’t need it. Some 20-year-olds could benefit from it.  It depends on your anatomy and the wrinkles your face has at rest position and if they bother you!”

  1. What is the most popular/beneficial procedure at your MedSpa?

“Without a doubt we are famous for our soft injectables. For example, micro dosing neuromodulators (botox, dysport, etc) and fillers.  We do the softest amount to make a difference without overdoing it. “

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