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Dental Jewelry: 6 Things To Know

Dental Jewelry

Today we want to share 6 thing to know about dental jewelry. Every year, the fashion industry hatches new trends that tend to catch everyone’s attention. Most of the time, it involves garments or some sort of fashion statement. This time, however, the hottest trend in the industry is quite unusual as it involves dental jewelry, also known as tooth gems or piercing. Dental jewelry refers to any accessory attached to the teeth for the sole purpose of cosmetics. Hence, it’s different from dental prostheses like bridges, crowns, and dentures since they’re used to replace teeth or cover up damages instead of being a fashion statement.

Dental jewelry became a trend ever due to numerous models and celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, and Drake posting about it on their social media accounts. Naturally, a lot of people followed in their footsteps, especially considering how affordable the procedure is. If you’re planning on doing the same, you should at least know these things about dental jewelry:

  1. Dental Jewelry Can Come In Gems Or Grills

Dental jewelry has several names, the most popular being tooth gems. It’s often called this way mainly because dental jewelry comes in the form of gems or crystals like rhinestones.

Moreover, the term ‘tooth gem’ has a nice ring to it, so it became the most used term. However, it’s worth noting that dental jewelry can also come in the form of tooth grills. Unlike gems, grills are made of metals, and they cover a whole tooth instead of simply decorating it. For that reason, tooth grills are often used to cover tooth imperfections. If you’re thinking of getting tooth grills for yourself, Custom Gold Grillz and others might have what you’re looking for.

  1. Prices Vary Depending On The Provider

As stated earlier, dental jewelry is generally affordable. The average price should be around USD$100, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only price range. Tooth gems and grills may also come at a lower or higher price, depending on your requirements. For instance, tooth gems worn by the celebrities mentioned above would most definitely be at the higher end. Conversely, you should be able to get tooth gems for as low as USD$50 if you look hard enough.

  1. Dental Jewelry Have A Short Lifespan
Dental Jewelry

Tooth piercing by diamond, 3D illustration concept.

As you may already know, celebrities no longer have their dental jewelry when it hasn’t even been a year since their post. This is mainly because, unlike dentures and other dental prostheses, tooth gems and grills only last for about six months, maybe even longer. Fortunately, it’s easy to replace tooth gems and grills, but since you’ll have to spend a decent amount of money bi-annually, it can be costly. Take note, you can choose different designs whenever you get a replacement.

  1. Dental Jewelry Doesn’t Involve Piercing

Tooth piercing is yet another name given to the process of attaching dental jewelry. While it sets the precedent that the procedure involves piercing, it actually doesn’t. Instead, when attaching tooth gems or grills, the medical practitioner only uses adhesive to stick the jewelry to the front of your tooth. Therefore, the procedure isn’t as invasive as some people make it out to be. Moreover, professionals normally use a special type of adhesive that doesn’t cause damage to the tooth or its enamel.

  1. It Doesn’t Normally Cause Tooth Damage

Some may argue that the attachment of dental jewelry to the teeth causes damage. But you have to remember that all operations to your teeth have the potential to damage them, even dental procedures like teeth whitening and extractions raise the possibility. In other words, dental jewelry is no different from other procedures. Of course, it’s a different story if the practitioner isn’t skillful. That’s precisely why you should only get dental jewelry from a reputable dental office.

  1. Dental Jewelry Won’t Change Your Manner Of Speaking

You might also be wondering if dental jewelry would affect your speech. The good news is it doesn’t. You should still be able to speak clearly with gems or grills on your tooth. It also shouldn’t interfere with your daily habits such as drinking or eating, unless, you go overboard with your dental jewelry and fill your mouth full of gems.

Final Words

Since it’s the talk of the town in the fashion industry, it’s normal to have some interest in dental jewelry, but that’s not to say you should jump on the wagon right away. Since it doesn’t come free, you must think it through before getting dental jewelry. With this guide, you should be able to get a basic idea of what dental jewelry is and what you’ll be dealing with after going through the procedure.

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