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Beauty Products To Avoid When You Are Pregnant

As an expectant mother, you will no doubt get tons of advice about activities and foods to avoid during your pregnancy.  Your highest priority is to maintain your best health and the health of your child .  The limitations of pregnancy can include things like avoiding alcohol, seafood and overly processed foods.  It’s not just things that you put in your body that you need to avoid.  Some chemicals that are put on your skin can be absorbed and potentially harmful to your child.

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Products you may not think are harmful can lead to pregnancy complications and even birth defects. Before you take or use any product containing any type of chemical that isn’t purely natural, it’s important to check with your doctor.  Let’s go over a list of beauty products to avoid when you are pregnant.

You may have been trying for many years to realize your dream of having a child or even dealt with an egg donor agency to become pregnant, so why take any chances once you conceive?


beauty products to avoid when you are pregnant

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Commonly referred to as Retin-A, you will find this complex chemical most often in anti-aging products. These types of creams that you use topically can actually be absorbed into the bloodstream and leech into the placenta, reaching your child. Make sure to check all of your lotions and creams for Retin-A before using them while pregnant.

Retinoids are also commonly found in prescription acne treatments. Although you may have difficulty with acne breakouts during your pregnancy, it’s best to avoid anything that contains retinoids. They have been proven to cause birth defects. If you take any type of prescription containing retinoids, it’s best to discontinue use before you start trying to conceive.


Beauty product companies have been dropping formaldehyde from their ingredients list for many years. Certain studies have shown that formaldehyde can be a carcinogen and is linked to cancer. Although there has been a great reduction in the use of this harmful chemical, you can still find it in some products.

While you are pregnant, you should avoid using any nail polish containing formaldehyde as it can be absorbed or inhaled. Eyelash glue and hair straightening products should also be checked for this ingredient.


Ammonia is definitely one of the beauty products to avoid when you are pregnant.You may have heard that it’s not healthy to dye your hair while you are pregnant. The reason behind this is that many hair dye formulas contain ammonia. Ammonia can be inhaled, causing irritation to your lungs and absorbed into the bloodstream. This active gas can cause uncomfortable irritation and make it difficult to breathe, limiting proper oxygen intake which can affect your baby.


A common ingredient in many antibiotics is tetracycline, most commonly found in acne medications both prescribed and over the counter. Although it may be tough to give up your acne treatments during your pregnancy you will have to adopt a non-chemical skin routine for the duration.  Antibiotics can cause liver damage to mothers who are expecting and should be avoided. Drugs are absorbed differently into your system while you are pregnant and can result in unwanted dangers to your unborn child.

We hope you have learned a little bit more about what beauty products to avoid when you are pregnant.  If you are dealing with an infection or illness during your pregnancy, talk to your doctor about alternative options and never take the risk of taking unprescribed antibiotics.

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